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Kamela turned 33 this August and is expecting big things from her Christ year. One of which is the creation of Hatertots, a site and podcast dedicated to everything she loves (and loves to hate) about pop culture–from the completely absurd to the truly awesome.

When she’s not endlessly searching for the perfect Tom Hiddleston meme, Kamela (“Pamela” but with a K) enjoys hanging out with her husband, Casey, their brand new daughter, Bailey, and their dog and cat, Gibbs and Abby. She’s in a pretty constant state of low-level irritability most of the time and wishes people who don’t understand intersections wouldn’t drive.

Music: Jimmy Eat World, The Cure, and bluegrass

Television: The Walking Dead, any reality show involving fringe communities or families (Mormons, Amish, Eskimos, etc.), Sherlock, comedies

Movies: Jaws, John Cusack movies, Tim Burton movies, documentaries

Books: Dystopian YA, urban fantasy, Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman, John Green, comics noob

Twitter: @thekamjohnston


The Atlanta Zoo’s panda cam




Casey, 32, spent most of his time in random basements until he married Kamela.  Content with having a basement of his own, he decided to settle down and build a family that includes his daughter, Bailey, and a cat and dog whose names he is constantly trying to change.  On his days off, Casey wakes up insanely early to play video games.

Music: Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Tool, and blues.

Television: Sons of Anarchy, The Americans, Justified (pretty much any FX show will get a chance with me), The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory.

Movies: Star Wars, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, the Avengers Movies, High Fidelity, Thank You For Smoking.

Books: Christopher Buckley novels, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, older Tom Clancy books.

Twitter: @DarthHockey



Annie, 33, is an awkward IT Professional who believes that the character Felicity Smoak from Arrow was based on her true life (well, minus the crime-fighting part). She spends her free time taking out her rage by playing hockey, and relaxing by reading or binge-watching Anime. This ‘adorkable’ woman also loves long walks on the beach, RPG games, and good sci-fi stories.

Music: My music power level is over 9,000. I love everything from classic rock to metal, to pop music — You’ll even find some Asian pop/metal mixed in there too.

Television: Arrow / The Flash, Agent Carter, and a long list of anime that could make your head spin.

Movies: Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Avengers, and samurai movies.

Books: YA novels, Magic/Fantasy series, Historical Fiction, Classic Literature, Manga & Comics.

Twitter: @Isaymeow

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