Key Points of The Flash Season 5, Episode 3 “The Death of Vibe”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.

A New Insurmountable Villain

We’re three episodes into this season of The Flash and the writers have wasted no time setting up Cicada as this year’s insurmountable villain. It really started last week when we learned that the new bad guy possessed the power to dampen the powers of metahumans he fought. This made for a riveting encounter with Team Flash, but the payoff came tonight when we learned that Cicada is the one villain the Flash never defeated. We’ve watched over the years as the Scarlet Speedster has taken on some pretty tough villains, but this one could end up being my favorite. Already, the writers have given him an intriguing backstory with his daughter, plus there’s the whole thing about metahuman powers having no effect on him. My favorite moments of this show are when Barry Allen is facing insurmountable odds and this season’s story is being set up for just that kind of fight.

Cicada: My Guess So Far

Last week, I guessed that Cicada might be from the future and knows exactly who Flash and XS are. Judging from the things we learned this week, I was wrong about that. Cicada is a father, which explains why he hesitated last week when Nora called out to Barry. That wasn’t recognition in his look but rather a father whose heartstrings were being tugged at. We also learned that his daughter is currently in a coma for unknown reasons, but it sure looks like some kind of injury. We also know that he’s got a nasty injury himself that isn’t healing and looks to be metahuman-induced. From this, I can guess that he and his daughter were injured in some kind of metahuman attack and she got the worst of the damage. It’s also possible the Flash was involved in the attack because Cicada seems to be targeting the team. I can’t think of a battle the Flash had where this could have happened, but we might learn that Nora’s arrival changed something in the timeline prior to this. Most of this theory can be blown out of the water by next week, but I’m fairly certain I’m right about the girl’s injury and Cicada carrying a grudge against metahumans because of it.

Caitlin’s Puzzle

This episode also devoted plenty of time to the mystery of Caitlin’s dad but didn’t give us much to go on regarding his mysterious disappearance. All we know so far is that his death certificate was forged by Caitlin’s mom and he’s likely still alive and possibly watching over Caitlin. I thought he might be Cicada but I’m taking that possibility off the table. In fact, I don’t even think the two stories are connected.

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