Key Points of The Flash Season 5, Episode 2 “Blocked”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.

Team Flash Learns the Future, Learns Nothing about Preserving the Timeline

The episode started with Team Flash learning the truth of Nora’s appearance in their time. Two things are surprising about this: 1) I’m surprised that reveal happened this quickly; in the past, I think something like this would have been dragged out for three or four episodes and, 2) they took it surprisingly well. On the first point, I think this shows a tightness in writing that I always appreciate. The truth of Nora’s appearance, that Barry has been missing for 25 years in her time, could have been saved for a later time but then that story could have the potential to be exceedingly annoying. This show is at it’s best when the team is cooperating and it’s counter to Barry’s nature to hide things from his family and friends.

On the second point, everyone, especially Iris, handled the news well. I think this is logical given everyone lived with the looming reality of Iris’ death for a whole season and managed to change that reality. In their eyes, there’s no reason the future can’t be changed here. I think that’s the rational mindset to have given the history of these characters; I’m just surprised the characters got there right away. This tells me that the writers aren’t going to waste any time on the small things because a big story is coming. Hopefully, this signals a fast-paced season is on the way.

We Meet Cicada and the Theories Can Now Start

We finally got to see Cicada in action and we were not disappointed. So far, all we know about him is that he possesses a knife that can somehow siphon off the powers of metahumans (not permanently, thankfully, because I don’t want to do another arc of Barry losing his speed right now). What’s more intriguing about the character is not who he is but when he is from. As he was about to kill Flash, I thought I saw a hint of recognition in his face as he saw Nora. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the writers were heavily hinting that Cicada is from the future and knows who Flash and Nora really are. After last season took a break from the personal villains for Barry, I’m ready to get back to that kind of story. I think the strengths of the first two seasons were the personal connections that Reverse Flash and Zoom had to Barry. I think the writers tried to do too much with too little with Savitar in season three, so having an impersonal villain with the Thinker did well to hit the reset on those kinds of stories. Now, I’m ready for another personal villain and I hope Cicada delivers

Caitlin Get More Clues About Her Dad

After tonight’s episode, I’m ready to let go of the idea that Caitlin’s dad will be the main villain this season. That’s a good thing because I thought that was way too obvious. Of course, I now have no idea what this arc has to do with anything and I have no idea where it’s going. That’s also a good thing; not everything has to be predictable and I don’t need to have a theory ready to go every time a new story kicks off. Let’s just watch this one play out and enjoy it for what it’s worth.

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