Key Points of The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 2 “The Bridge”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode The Walking Dead.

Rick Thinks Things Are Starting to Come Together

Tonight’s episode featured a 35-day time jump. In that time, Rick thinks he’s begun successfully integrating the Saviors in with the other communities. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is buying into this experiment, but Rick sure seems to have a sense of false hope. This is a mistake on his part. I’m sure the majority of the Saviors seem happy right now because they’re out of the Sanctuary and working on the bridge. They’re outside, they have food, and they’re with a large group of people. All of these things will go away once the bridge project is complete and the Saviors have to go back to the warehouse where there’s no food and plenty of tension. Add to this the fact that people like Daryl aren’t hiding their disdain for the Saviors and we have a mixture ready to explode when the inevitable next round of adversity comes around.

We also saw some tension between Rick and Daryl. This conflict is something that’s been teased since last season and I think it will come to a head this season (it has to since Rick will be dying soon). Nothing that happened tonight dissuaded me from my prediction last week that Rick will die at the hands of his own people and not a walker. The tension is there and we know it’s going to happen somehow. At this point, I think it would be flat out boring if Rick went out because of a walker. Give me a civil war amongst the early survivors from Atlanta and the farm and let Rick go out with a bang.

Maggie Is In Charge

One thing this 35-day time jump allowed the writers to do is bypass the storyline where Maggie finds herself as a leader in the days after having to make a difficult decision. This is good because those types of stories have never beenĀ The Walking Dead’s wheelhouse. Maggie has been around for seven seasons now. We know her, we’ve seen how much she’s changed, and we watched her rediscover herself after the death of Glenn. Rick only has four episodes left and I’m guessing Maggie’s time is also limited because Lauren Cohan has signed onto be the lead in next year’s new ABC seriesĀ Whiskey Cavalier. We don’t need to waste time on needless character development for these two. The story needs to move at a break-neck pace which, thankfully, it is.

Rick Death Prediction

I still say he dies at the hands of his own people and I’m leaning towards Maggie being the one who does it. With a reported six-episode run for Rick, we’re down to four left. He’s in next week’s premiere so we’re about halfway through the final journey of Rick Grimes.

The Helicopter

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m ready to get an answer on this helicopter we’ve been seeing. All I can say is that for how long this has been teased the payoff better be worth it.

That Ending

Is it too early for the Whisperers? I don’t think so but something tells me it was actually the missing Saviors who were lurking in the woods at the end.

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