Plot Lines of The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 13 “Do Not Send Us Astray”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

A Plot: The Attack That Keeps on Attacking

The Saviors attacked and it was quite an action-packed fifteen minutes of television. While Simon is no Negan, he certainly did a good job of setting the tone for what was supposed to be the Saviors’ slaughter of the Hilltop. That didn’t happen but the Saviors ended up getting the last laugh as their walker-infected weapons managed to turn everyone in the Hilltop. Even though Negan set this plan in motion two episodes ago it managed to still surprise me because of how long it took for the writers to land the big reveal that the injured were infected. It was getting to the point where I was wondering if the Saviors had just decided to use different weapons or something. I know people are down on this series and I’ve been defending it, but I don’t know what it says about my expectations that I was actually willing to believe the writers just randomly dropped one of the bigger plot arcs of the season.

I appreciated the way all the plots of this episode blended together. The Saviors attacked and that led directly to the Hilltop walkers attacking the compound which led directly to most of the imprisoned Saviors escaping. This was a smoothly written episode, something that can’t always be said about even the best ones of this series. Hopefully, this is a positive sign for the series as Angela Kang, one of the two credited writers for tonight, transitions into the executive producer role that was previously held by Scott Gimple.

My only lingering question from tonight is what about Rick? He was obviously injured in tonight’s battle. Was he not cut? Why isn’t he turning into a walker? Why isn’t he cutting off his hand right now?

B Plot: Henry Is An Idiot

This wasn’t really a separate plot but I felt the need to point out that Henry is annoying and an idiot. Also, I distinctly remember Morgan telling him that Gavin, the man Henry killed in the Kingdom, is the one who killed his brother. So, why is Henry still on a murderous vendetta to find his brother’s killer? Did I miss something?

Thanks for reading!