Plot Lines of The Flash: Season 4, Episode 15 “Enter Flashtime”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.

A Plot: Flashtime

This week The Flash took a break from the Thinker storyline and focused on The Flash saving the city from nuclear annihilation. While the idea was briefly presented that this could also have been a plot of DeVoe’s, it was never followed through on. I think that’s because this plot really did not have anything to do with DeVoe. It’s not uncommon for The Flash to take a break from the main story to focus on something that is just a bit of escapist entertainment (remember the Gorilla Grodd arc from last season that had nothing to do with Savitar?). This episode started with Iris and Barry lamenting that they haven’t spent any quality time together because of DeVoe and I think that was the writers’ way of telling us that this was just going to be some Barry story and little more (although the events of this week did teach Barry that he’s fast enough to defeat the Thinker because these writers are good and will still tell a story that peripherally connects to the main story).

As for the story itself, it was an excellent suspenseful one. I loved that the writers used the threat of a nuclear explosion as an excuse for Barry to have limited interactions with the rest of the cast. It was a very character-focused episode that showed us the selfless nature of Barry.

Finally, I wanted to mention a moment that didn’t happen. Barry spoke to every member of the main cast except for Joe and that was both excellent and heartbreaking. Joe has found new love years after his marriage ended and he’s about to be a father. While the predictable thing would have been for Barry to bring Joe into Flashtime and say something meaningful to him, the writers chose to have Barry not burden him with the thought of losing Cecile and his unborn baby. That was such a great choice and it allowed the moment to be more powerful. Kudos to the writers for that decision.

B Plot: Harry’s Unexpected Development

Jesse returned and we learned that Harry is still carrying around the burden of losing his wife after all these years. This led to the episode’s second heartbreaking scene, this time between Harry and Jesse. Again, he could have told Jesse a story about her mother that would have explained all his anger and heartache but instead, they chose to forego the words and instead let Jesse read his thoughts. This was another great writing decision. Now I wonder if this will do anything to change Harry or if he’ll continue to be a lovable guy who’s still kind of a dick.

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