Plot Lines of The Flash: Season 4, Episode 13 “True Colors”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.

A Plot: The Iron Heights Redemption

It didn’t involve a Rita Hayworth poster over a hole in the wall but Barry Allen engineered a prison break out of the metahuman wing of Iron Heights Prison. My favorite part of this story is that no matter what Barry Allen will always do the right thing. We can look at the story and say that Barry was simply trying to prevent the meta’s powers from being used to hurt more innocent people, but I’d like to think he would have helped them anyway. Even without selling the metas to Amunet Black, Warden Wolfe was running an off-the-books meta prison. It was a sophisticated facility that must have been there long before Amunet came on the scene. The warden was a committing an injustice and that is precisely what the Flash fights against. This was another inspiring story in the prison adventures of Barry Allen.

B Plot: The Shapeshifting Ralph Dibney

For some reason, this story just didn’t work for me tonight. Dibney’s newfound shapeshifting ability felt a little too convenient for me, almost as if the writers didn’t know any other way to get Barry out of prison so they just granted a character new powers that would do the trick. Also, I’m getting a little a tired of watching Dibney learn a valuable lesson about how to be a better person every week. This was his 10th episode and I feel like at least seven of them were dedicated to him learning something valuable about how to be a functioning human being. It was fine the first few times but I’m ready for the writers to write some new stories for him. Given where it appears they’re going with the character, I’m not anticipating feeling great emotional turmoil over his exit and that’s a shame since I think I’m supposed to care about the character.

C Plot: The Thinker Returns

After a couple of weeks without the Thinker, we saw the return of Clifford DeVoe and it was violent. It appears now that the bus metas were created for the sole purpose of feeding their powers to DeVoe. It also appears the Mechanic was not privy to this murderous turn of events. He’s currently keeping her around via some sort of love potion but I’m curious where this is going. If Marlize turns on the Thinker and joins Team Flash, that could be a huge blow to DeVoe (or it could be something he anticipated since that’s sort of his thing). I want to like Marlize and I’ve had trouble at times buying into the notion that she’s as evil as her husband and now those doubts I’ve had about her character as a villain might get vindicated.

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