Plot Lines of The Flash Season 4, Episode 9 “Don’t Run”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.

A Plot: Is There a Doctor in the House?

This episode featured the surprising return of Amunet Black as we saw her storm CC Jitters and kidnap a downtrodden Caitlin. Since Caitlin’s Killer Frost powers came back into the story and she’s learned to somewhat control them, I feel like Caitlin herself has been disappointingly relegated to a side character. Ever since the team found out about that she still has her powers, Caitlin has been mostly standing in the background until her metahuman powers were needed. This story served to the remind the viewers as much as Caitlin that she’s still an important member of Team Flash. That’s a good thing and I hope the writers of future episodes remember that. We spent two whole seasons with Caitlin as she was simply Caitlin and she was an amazing character. She didn’t have powers and she didn’t need them; she had a brain and she knew how to use it. In last season’s finale when she was seemingly “cured” of the Killer Frost curse I thought we would be getting that old Caitlin back. That wasn’t the case but I hope that this episode signals the return of the Caitlin Snow that I have missed.

B Plot: Barry’s Predicament

The Flash found himself captured by DeVoe and it didn’t play out the way I was thinking. Barry was able to deduce that DeVoe wanted him for his powers and I myself deduced that that meant DeVoe was after the regenerative powers. As DeVoe is suffering from an advanced form of ALS, it only made sense that Barry’s powers could possibly cure him. I hope other people arrived at that conclusion because then I won’t feel so bad about how wrong I was.

As for what DeVoe really wants with Barry, your guess is as good as mine. Now that he’s inhabited┬áthe body of Dominic, I suspect that Barry’s regenerative powers are unneeded. Now that Barry has been framed for murder, it looks like DeVoe simply wants to ruin his life. That’s a little too simple for me and I’m sure it isn’t the main reason that The Thinker is going up against The Flash, but I like the little detour we’re taking for now.

The Next Episode

This was the mid-season finale so we’ll have to wait until January to find out how this all ends for Barry, but it looks like he will be faced with the choice of revealing his secret identity or protecting his friends and family from the inevitable fallout of telling the world he’s The Flash. That may have been part of DeVoe’s plan all along and I’m sure Barry will glean┬ásome lesson from it. Honestly, I’m just happy about the prospect of some people learning that Barry is The Flash. For example, I’ve long thought it would make sense if Captain Singh knew that. That would have come in especially handy this season as the captain justifiably thought Barry was stalking DeVoe. Now that Barry has been arrested for murder, the only way to win back the captain’s trust may be to reveal himself. I’m on board for that as I’ve been wanting it for a while now.

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