What We Learned: Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Vader #2

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Vader #2

Today Marvel released the second issue in their Darth Vader series. After last month’s introduction into the new series, this issue got down to the story of Vader setting out to hunt down a living Jedi in order to get his new Kyber crystal. It was a little slower paced than the first issue of the series as the main story arc was being set up, but it wasn’t without its action as Vader took on a space station of clone troopers singlehandedly. As with the first issue, we have some new entries into Star Wars lore.

Borash Vow

In order to find a living Jedi, Vader has stormed an Imperial space station in order to plug into its database to search for members of the Order who have taken the Borash Vow. This involved Jedi on the quest for Borash who vowed to refrain from any activities relating to the Jedi Order. They cut themselves off from everything except the Force. As a result, they would have felt the Purge but not responded to it. Vader believes this is the best path to him finding and destroying a living Jedi.

The Borash Vow is a new entry into Star Wars canon so we don’t know anything about it beyond the explanation above. Vader has discovered a Jedi who has taken the vow named Kirak Infil’a. According to the droid accompanying Vader, Master Kirak’s one purpose in the Order was to fight. This is a nice setup for a future confrontation. I wrote last month that Vader will inevitably have to battle a Jedi sans lightsaber and it looks like it might happen in the next issue or two. As a bonus, we also get a completely new Jedi character.

Another nice thing about the introduction of the Borash Vow is the possibility of so many new Jedi. According to the comic, there have been over 14,000 Jedi on the Borash quest since the founding of the Order, so there can potentially be hundreds of living Jedi that Vader will have to hunt down and destroy. This also opens up the possibility of new Jedi being introduced in films, novels, comics, and video games without having to come up with some convoluted explanation as to why they survived Order 66.

Clone Troopers

We learned early on in the issue that clone production on Kamino has ceased. We knew that the Empire stopped using clone troopers pretty early on, but now we have a slightly more definitive timeline for that. Assuming there haven’t been any huge time jumps, and I don’t think there have been, clone production must have stopped as soon as the Republic fell.

Easter Eggs

During a dialogue exchange on page 10, a clone trooper comments that “Maybe we get to put on those red helmets, stand right next to Palpatine himself.” In the novel Lords of the Sith, one of the members of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guard is indeed a Kamino clone.

Leftovers From Last Month

In issue #1, Vader commented that his suit was “adequate.” This is a change from Legends continuity where Vader’s suit was a literal torture device meant to keep him in constant pain to dampen his connection to the Force. Vader’s suit not being a torture device isn’t completely new material as in Lords of the Sith it was mentioned that while in the suit, Vader “no longer felt the absence of his legs or arms, the pain of his flesh, but the hate remained, and the rage still burned.”

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