Plot Lines of The Flash: Season 3, Episode 19 “The Once and Future Flash”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest epis0de of The Flash.A Plot: The Tale of Two Flashes

In what I will probably look back on as the best episode of the season, maybe even the series, Barry traveled to the future to find out the identity of Savitar. Before I get into the main plot of the episode, I’m starting to realize that the very best episodes of the series are the ones where Barry is taken out of his element and put into different times and places. “The Runaway Dinosaur,” the first episode where Barry traveled into the Speed Force, remains my favorite of the series and I don’t think that will change. “Flash Back,” the one where Barry travels back a year to learn the secret to increasing his speed from Eobard Thawn, is one I’ve watched over and over because I enjoyed it so much. The Earth-2 arc from season 2 was also a highlight for me. I would say I want more episodes like this, but I don’t want to ruin a good thing by overdoing it. Still, ones like this are always a treat.

Now, about the actual episode, this was a nice culmination of the season three theme of Barry messing everything up and ruining people’s lives. While that may sound a bit harsh, I couldn’t help thinking throughout the episode that Barry caused all this by creating Flashpoint. It also made me wonder if fixing Flashpoint once and for all is the answer to defeating Savitar. If you think about it, so much has been made about the perceived improbability of defeating the so-called speed god. Barry’s not fast enough to save Iris and we know that Savitar isn’t defeated until four years after that moment. What if Iris does indeed die this season, maybe in the penultimate episode, and the finale has Jay returning from the Speed Force to help Barry fix this mess so that it never happened in the first place? It seems strange to me that the writers have left this altered reality go without really addressing it in a while. Perhaps this is the ending we’ve really been building towards this whole time.

B Plot: She’s a Killer Queen

There’s not much to say about the B-plot of this episode, but it’s great to see Danielle Panabaker playing such a frosty villain again. While I don’t want this to be permanent, I won’t complain if her transformation into Killer Frost lasts for the rest of the season.

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