Plot Lines of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Season 4, Episode 18 “No Regrets”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

A Plot: A Trip to the Past

The emotional return of Antoine Triplett was spoiled for me before the episode, but that did little to ruin the sight of the man we’ve all missed since the season 2 winter finale coming out of that cage Hydra trapped him in. Much of this episode was centered around Mace and Coulson infiltrating a Hydra rehabilitation (re-education) camp. Knowing they would find Trip in this camp, I think I caught most of the clues leading up to his return (the antique camera was the dead giveaway), but the anticipation was killing me. Trip was one of my favorite characters in the first two seasons of the series, so getting him back, even temporarily, is a welcome surprise. It will hurt all over again having to say goodbye to him, but I’m glad we get to spend even more time with the character.

The bigger shock in this episode was the untimely death of Jeffrey Mace. His death within the Framework means he’s now dead in the real world. This was the perfect end for his character as there wasn’t much left for the writers to do with him that didn’t slow the story down. His arc really ended when we learned he wasn’t an Inhuman. He could have been written off the show at that point but keeping him around for the Agents of Hydra story arc gave him a more fitting and emotional end. Now we know that his one biggest regret in life is that he wasn’t really an Inhuman. He had no control over that but it was still a regret that he “fixed” in the Framework. He got to be the brave man that we all knew he was and he went out saving a group of innocent children. The real Jeffrey Mace couldn’t have gotten a better ending.

B PlotMay’s Redemption

May’s Framework avatar has been the hardest to watch because we’ve learned just how damaged she really is. Failing to save the Inhuman girl in Bahrain has affected her so deeply that she’s all but shut herself off from the world, but saving the girl came with the same result. So her one biggest regret in life just turned into another big regret for her. Deep down inside, Hydra May is not the real May. Thankfully, she was able to see the truth when she entered the rehabilitation center and saw what Hydra was doing with those children. It was a chilling and exciting to see May turn against Hydra at the end of this episode. Now that Daisy has her powers back, it’s a fair fight for the team.

I still hope that Daisy comes out of the cocoon with different powers than she had in the real world, but that’s unlikely given that there’s only two episode left that take place within the Framework (this is an assumption on my part based on episode titles). I don’t really see there being enough time for her to get acclimated to her new powers so she’ll probably just get the Quake ones again.

C Plot: Fitz and His Sad Life

It would appear that Fitz’s biggest regret is not having a relationship with his dad. I’m dying to know what this guy is like in real life because his Framework avatar is a real piece of work. I mean, if this is what his real life self is like then he has some real future villain potential for the series. It makes me wonder why Fitz desires to have any relationship with him at all. Does he have some sort of unexplored savior complex? I need to know more and the writers need to move this from the c-plot to the a-plot as soon as possible.

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