Plot Lines of The Flash: Season 3, Episode 18 “Abra Kadabra”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.

Written By

Brooke Roberts

David Kob

A Plot: Abra Kadabra

I think the writers have hit a nice stride in terms of combining the old villain-of-the-week format and the main story of the season. They hit some bumps earlier in the season by going multiple weeks without a metahuman villain then the crossover event happened and soon after came the two-week Gorilla Grodd event. While these were all good episode, then did nothing to advance the Savitar plot. What resulted has been a poorly developed villain that we know almost nothing about. We know Savitar is a formidable opponent for Barry but that’s mostly because the characters have told us that over and over again. We’ve rarely seen Savitar cause chaos for Team Flash save for the confusion about his identity and motives.

That brings us to tonight’s episode. We still didn’t learn anything new about Savitar, but this is the first time the writers meant that as an intentional plot device and not an oversight. Abra Kadabra is this season’s most interesting villain since Caitlin had her Killer Frost moment all the way back in episode seven. He came with his own purpose for fighting Flash but also served as a stark reminder that Savitar still looms large in the background waiting to put a spear through Iris. This blending of the weekly villain while also making the episode about the main villain is something I’d like to see fromĀ The Flash more often.

B Plot: Caitlin Goes Peak Killer Frost

It looks like we’re about to see Killer Frost at the peak of her powers. This is an exciting thing because she has the potential to be Barry’s most compelling villain. Reverse Flash and Zoom were great, and at times they were important parts of Barry’s life, but not like Caitlin. While Barry is going through the most difficult point of his life, he’s also about the faceoff with someone that he cares about a great deal. This will be a difficult fight for Barry because he will no doubt want to save her rather than defeat her. We also know that capturing her before his big showdown with Savitar could be the key to changing Iris’ future and defeating the speed god before he hurts anyone else. If done right, this will be the most compelling fight for Barry of the whole series.

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