Plot Lines of The Walking Dead Thoughts: Season 7, Episode 14 “The Other Side”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

A Plot: Sasha and Rosita’s Non-Excellent Adventure

After weeks of annoying me with this story arc, the writers finally got to point with Rosita and Sasha. I still don’t like how these two are putting the whole group at risk with their singular focus on revenge and I’m afraid the characters are being back into a corner that they can’t be written out of. Sasha has now gone into the Sanctuary alone and Negan will no doubt remember that she’s part of Rick’s group. When she’s found, and I’m sure she will be, this can only mean bad things for the people of Alexandria.

Luckily for Rick and the group, that may not matter. They have guns again and although they don’t know it yet, the Kingdom is ready to join them in this fight. That’s really the only way this part of the story ends. Sasha won’t be bringing the wrath of Lucille down on the group because the war will be starting soon. That’s another reason why this arc is annoying me; it’s lazy writing. Rosita and Sasha got started down this arc that took up way too much screen time and didn’t have a logical conclusion because it didn’t need one. In the meantime, two good characters are getting wasted with a story that seemingly no one likes. Thankfully, it will all be over soon.

B Plot: Gregory is a Weasel

From the day we first met him, we knew Gregory wasn’t going to be an ally of Rick. Even if you don’t know his story from the comic, you could sense from the way Gregory interacted with people that he wasn’t going to be a likable character. Now we’re getting a good look at just how enmeshed he is with the Saviors. It would be one thing if he was doing it to protect his people but he’s only doing it to protect himself. His people are getting protected as a consequence of his actions, not because of them. Now it looks like he’s one or two moves away from selling Maggie and Daryl out to the Saviors. If he could think of a way to explain what they’ve been doing there this whole he would have already given them up. I can’t imagine this lasting for much longer. Maggie has ingratiated her with the people of the Hilltop and they would no doubt support her and Jesus over Gregory.

C Plot: Daryl’s Guilt

This was a brief moment, but we finally got to see Daryl express his guilt over getting Glenn killed. We know that Daryl is a good guy and we all assumed he had these feelings, but it was touching to see him express them to Maggie. It’s also nice to see the writers not waste any time with Maggie having ill will towards Daryl. The characters can now move on just like the audience did months ago.

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