Plot Lines of The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 13 “Bury Me Here”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

A Plot: “It Was Supposed to Be Me”

After weeks of planning and plotting, Richard finally figured out a way to turn the Kingdom against the Saviors. However, as we all saw, there were some holes in his plan. For one thing, he got the wrong guy killed. This was supposed to be some convoluted¬†plot to get the Saviors to kill Richard to rally the Kingdom to fight. We all know the unpredictability of the Saviors but I guess no one bothered to fill Richard in. If someone had, Richard would know that the person who goes after them rarely faces the punishment. Daryl could have taught him that lesson after the death of Glenn (come to think of it, why didn’t Daryl tell Richard that story after he caught him trying to get Carol killed?). I’m also not convinced that the death of Richard would have rallied the Kingdom. Maybe I’m reading things wrong, but I’m not sure how well liked Richard was among his companions. I think there would have been a sense among the group that maybe Richard got what he deserved after weeks of antagonizing the Saviors. In a way, things went better for Richard this way. He’s dead and the Kingdom is ready to rally with Rick.

B Plot: “I Wanted to Show You That We Get It”

Since coming back onto the show in season 5, Morgan has had a fairly strict no-kill policy. While he has broken that rule in the past it was to save Carol’s life (I’m not counting the two men he killed in the episode “Here’s Not Here” because that was a flashback episode that established how Morgan came to believe that all life is precious). This is the first time Morgan has chosen to kill someone to advance a greater part of the plot. It also appears that Morgan is ready to abandon that no-kill policy altogether. He didn’t kill Richard to avenge Benjamin. No, Morgan killed to advance Richard’s own plot against the Saviors. As Richard said, they have to play along with the Saviors and earn back their trust and when the time is right, the Kingdom can join Alexandria and the Hilltop in this fight. That’s exactly what Morgan did. He killed Richard and told everyone, Kingdom and Saviors alike, what had happened with the previous drop. And just like that, the Kingdom is back in the good graces of the Saviors again. This really was a turning point

This really was a turning point for Morgan. I thought he would continue on with this no-kill philosophy for a bit longer, but I knew he would abandon it one day. He’s not Superman or Batman, he was always going to kill again one day. It’s fitting that he chose this moment, a moment when he lost a young friend who appeared to remind him of his son Duane to start killing again. I’m excited to see where he goes from here because unhinged Morgan is a little more interesting than pacifist Morgan. While I don’t think he’s going to go on a¬†Death Wish-like killing spree, I think we’re going to see a more violent Morgan for a while. I can’t wait.

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