Plot Lines of The Flash: Season 3, Episode 15 “The Wrath of Savitar”

By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.


Andrew Kreisberg and Andrew Wilder

A Plot: Freeing Savitar

Most of this episode focused on Savitar and his quest to free himself from the Speed Force. This episode brought us a few big reveals for the story and most of them were Savitar-centric. The biggest one, for me at least, was that Savitar is actually imprisoned in the Speed Force but he’s able to momentarily reach out and interact with other speedsters. This is why no non-speedster has yet been able to witness Savitar pummelling Barry (there hasn’t been an explanation as to why Savitar is invisible to other speedsters while he’s pummelling Barry). To me, this may be the most startling reveal concerning Savitar. We also found out Wally only has his speed because Savitar needed to use him and that made me feel terrible for him. As Wally has repeatedly said, the only thing he’s ever wanted is speed; he finally has it and it’s only because some self-proclaimed speed god needed a pawn.


Caitlin was also a big part of this story, even if it was just a brief moment. She’s been squirreling away a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone in the hope that it can free her of the Killer Frost powers. In doing so, she’s taking the blame for Savitar’s prediction that one of the team will betray everyone. If this is it, it’s not as bad as I thought. Realistically, no one here was going to completely turn to Savitar’s side, so I don’t even know what I was expecting.

What I do know is that Barry really messed things up when he created Flashpoint. I hate to put it all the on him, but this is all his fault. Creating this paradox gave Savitar the idea to make Wally a speedster and use him to escape the Speed Force. Creating the paradox also gave Caitlin her Killer Frost powers without which she never would have thought to keep the Philosopher’s Stone. Barry has plenty to own up to and he needs to stop making such bad life choices.

B Plot: Wally and His Mind

This episode allowed Keiynan Lonsdale to go front and center in his portrayal of Wally West. I was excited when I thought the episode would just focus on Wally battling Savitar. I never dreamed we would get to see Savitar manipulating him in the ways we saw. The moment between Wally and Francine (or who he thought was Francine) was just as gut-wrenching as anything we’ve seen between Barry and his mom. We haven’t been able to focus on Wally this much or this closely yet so doing it here was certainly a treat. Hopefully, when Barry frees him from the Speed Force we can get more Wally-centric moments.

C Plot: Barry and Iris

That was a short engagement, even by Hollywood standards. There was no way Barry was going to get away with proposing to Iris under those conditions, and he doesn’t deserve to. Even if Barry was doing it to change the future, he should have been up front with Iris about that.

The only question I have after this is whether or not Iris sealed her own fate by breaking off her engagement with Barry. All Wally saw was that Iris wasn’t wearing an engagement ring, that’s it. He forced Barry to reveal his true motivation for proposing and Iris broke up the engagement, thus ensuring she won’t be wearing an engagement ring when she meets Savitar. It’s a real paradox that I hope the writers address in a future episode.

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