Plot Lines of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Season 4, Episode 13 “BOOM”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.


Nora Zuckerman

Lilla Zuckerman

A Plot: Shocking Shockley

Many surprising things happened in this week’s main story. The Superior turned on Senator Nadeer pretty quickly, Shockley ended up being an Inhuman, and Nadeer died. First, we shouldn’t be too surprised at the betrayal of Nadeer. The women killed her own brother (or so she thinks) and her Watchdogs cohorts were not only unphased by that, it was an act that won Nadeer a little more trust from the group. It was only a matter of time before the possibility of Inhuman DNA within Nadeer became too much for the Superior. We all should have seen this coming. Still, the death is shocking. I thought Nadeer had a bigger part to play in this story, especially given that her brother seemingly survived being shot by her. I’m sure that will be addressed later this season, just not in the way I was expecting. Overall, this development was a bit disappointing. Nadeer was shaping up to be an interesting villain even without any powers of her own. Just the fact that she had the power of being a senator to go along with her anti-Inhuman agenda made her an interesting foil for SHIELD. She was a villain, but she was taking on SHIELD from the inside.

What was surprising, for me at least, was the revelation that Shockley is an Inhuman. It seemed like such sweet poetic justice that it was almost worth losing Senator Nadeer over. Seriously, seeing her literally getting the last laugh was priceless. As for Shockley, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him. In fact, it looks like he’s being developed in Nitro. If that name sounds familiar then you probably heard it as the MCU was gearing up towards¬†Captain America: Civil War. In the original Marvel crossover event, it was Nitro’s explosive powers that triggered the Superhuman Registration Act. Possibly bringing Nitro into the MCU now avoids any speculation leading up to the¬†Civil War film (besides, that’s not Nitro’s only story to tell and the world doesn’t revolve around the “Civil War” comic). Now we just get another potentially interesting villain who actually despises his own abilities.

B Plot: Aida Isn’t So Unique

I think the Zuckermans went to great lengths and succeeded in making Radcliffe a little more sympathetic this week. I like that he’s doing all this in an effort, albeit misguided, to conquer death for one person. Agnes’ story is heartbreaking, but it’s necessary if Radcliffe is going to remain on the show after this arc (and given Coulson’s assertion that Radcliffe isn’t himself, I think that’s a possibility now). Radcliffe can’t cure people of death, but he’s doing that next best thing, in his mind, by sending them to a more comfortable place. For being the current bad guy, Radcliffe is actually doing a good job of drawing me to his side.

C Plot: Mace’s Place

Now that Mace has been outed as a non-Inhuman, we’ve started the quest to find his place on the team. The comparison to Mace with Coulson and the Avengers was fitting, especially given last week’s revelation that Phil is the one bringing all these little subplots together. As the episode came to its end, I actually thought the comparison would come to its logical conclusion with Mace dying. That wasn’t the case, and his defeat won’t be rallying anyone like Coulson’s death did, so we’ll just have to see how this plays out.

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