Plot Lines of The Flash: Season 3, Episode 12 “Untouchable”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.


Brooks Roberts

Judalina Neira

A Plot: Touch of Death

It feels like it’s been a long time since Flash has had to deal with a truly bad metahuman. For most of this season, he’s dealt with either people who were really victims of Alchemy and Savitar rather than bad people, or he’s fought people like Gypsy, who was really good but had an agenda that was counter to Flash’s. It felt good to have a normal villain-of-the-week for a change, one who’s here today and gone tomorrow. The focus on Savitar and defeating him has been nice, but it was time to have an episode that wasn’t so grandiose. Just as last week’s episode was perfect timing for the development of Cisco and HR, this week’s was perfect for the pacing of the season.

B Plot: Phases of Wally’s Training

Last week’s ending with Barry telling Wally he would have to save Iris was pretty chilling. It’s a moment that every great action series has, the one where the hero goes all stone-faced and makes a declaration that causes the viewer to look at the television screen and say, “Hell yeah.” Now that we’re past that moment, the show has to deal with the fact that Wally still has plenty of training to do before he can take on Savitar. I like that this week’s story did for Barry and Wally. Until now, Barry was like a cautious big brother when it came to Wally. Barry knew Wally had potential but was afraid to let him stretch it to his maximum ability. Now Barry can’t do that. Now that Barry has committed to letting Wally take on Savitar, he can’t hold back on the training and mentoring. Seeing Barry come to that revelation tonight made for a touching moment. I’m excited to see how the writers handle these training sequences while still keeping the story interesting.

C Plot: The Complicated Lives of Joe and Julian

Joe and Julian’s subplots were on the opposite ends of the spectrum from each other. Joe’s provided a little comic relief with the Flash and Kid Flash fan arguments while Julian’s showed us that he’s still haunted by his deeds as Alchemy. I like how the Flash writers are particularly good at moving the story along even when they’re focusing on the C plots. Nothing about Joe going on a date was relevant to the story until Clive Yorkin crashed the party and ruined things. There are many shows that would have ended that date with Joe getting called away to another location, but Roberts and Neira didn’t waste any time getting Yorkin involved in the scene. That’s some pretty tight writing.

As for Julian, I think he’s going to be haunted by his time as Alchemy until he finds that last husk. It would be good for him if the person from the last husk wasn’t a villain, but that’s unlikely to happen. I’d look for Julian to hunt this person down on his own but need Flash and Kid Flash to bail him out in the end.

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