ABCs of The Flash: Season 3, Episode 10 “Borrowing Problems From the Future”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.

Written By

Grainne Godfree and David Kob

A Plot: The Future is Not Set in Stone

The show wasted no time getting back into the story of Barry dealing Iris’ possibly inevitable death. This was the main focus of the episode. For at least the second time this season, the villain of the week didn’t really take on a prominent role; Plunder was only there to serve as a means to Barry discovering he could change the future. That discovery was the real Maguffin this week. Is the future set in stone or can it be altered? The quest to find the answer to this question resulted in less action, but that’s ok with me when the story is this interesting. We got some great interaction amongst characters, an emotional scene between Barry and Iris, and some clues as to some future episodes (more on that later). Overall, this was not only satisfying episode but a good midseason premiere.

B Plot: The Show Must Go On

This week’s B plot involved further attempts by HR to make himself useful to the team. Tom Cavanagh is a versatile actor. In three seasons, he’s been mentor, villain, concerned dad, genius scientist, and now comic relief. He’s been all of these things while playing three different versions of the same character, more if you count the quick scenes we’ve gotten of Harrison Wells from other earths. I wasn’t crazy about HR at first, but he’s growing on me. Maybe it’s the fact that this might be the first version of the character that is genuinely good (depending on how that closing scene with what may have been a bounty hunter coming for HR plays out), or maybe it’s Cisco’s dickish attitude toward HR invoking sympathy from me, but I’m liking the guy so this plot worked for me. He’s genuinely trying to help the team by turning STAR Labs into a museum, and he’s helping us by turning Cisco into a hologram and thus making us smile.

C Plot: Wally and Julian Finding Their Place

This week we focused a little on Wally and Julian and their place in the world of the Flash. Wally may be having a little trouble adjusting to his role as Kid Flash, especially the ‘kid’ part of that title. We also see that the public is a little wary of him. Since his introduction to the show, Wally has just wanted to help people. Now he has a means to do that, and it frustrates him that his training is moving slowing and Barry is being a little overprotective. All these things seemed to resolve themselves in this episode as Wally joined Barry in his fight against Plunder and took down the villain of the week as a crowd chanted Kid Flash’s name. The writers have a tendency to repeat plot points throughout the season, so don’t be surprised if we see over protective Barry or self-conscious Wally again, but some big character developing occurred for Kid Flash.

We didn’t focus quite as much on Julian this week, but he’s also trying to find his place in his own post-Alchemy world. He’s trying to play it off as having a clear conscience, but the writers wasted no time in letting us know that the deaths Alchemy was responsible for are weighing on Julian’s soul. I like that this arc is resulting in Julian working with Team Flash. I hope the character keeps his mostly-business attitude because that should play off of Cisco and HR’s attitudes well and cause the comic relief that this show is so good at providing. Plus, it gives us the potential of more screen time with Tom Felton, which is never a bad thing.

Misc. Thought

Barry and Cisco vibing to the future gave us some great clues of episodes to come this season. The most intriguing are another Killer Frost episode and a possible attack from Gorilla Grodd. Can’t wait!


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