CW Crossover Review: SuperFlArrowLegandisticexpialidocious

By Annie (@Isaymeow)

I think that was legitimately the longest title I have ever written. This post will review the massive four night Crossover episode event for Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. So hold onto your capes, waverider, speedforce, or oh heck I give up with the puns…let’s just get this thing started!


Warning: There are spoilers ahead

I will fully admit that I really haven’t watched Supergirl beyond the first three episodes last year, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It wasn’t until the end that we learned the temporal rifts were Barry and Cisco traveling to Kara’s earth till the last two minutes of the show. Barry asked Kara for help to fight against Aliens on his Earth, to which she excitedly decides to accept.

(Personal Note: while the temporal rifts appeared twice in the episode before they successfully got through I was hoping for more Barry and Kara interaction, but I digress!)


The Flash:
The episode begins with an incoming object towards central city, and it’s not a meteor, it’s a spaceship. Barry is utterly shocked when he see’s several tall, lanky aliens run out into the street and toss him aside like a rag doll.  We are in a world of magic and metahumas, but it seems that these creatures appearance on earth gave the speedster a giant shock.

After being asked questions by Barry at the scene the next day, Lyla decides to go to STAR Labs to explain what she knows. The creatures are called ‘Dominators’ and first appeared back in 1951. They haven’t been seen since, but now they have returned to Earth and no one seems to know what their true objective it.

Lyla asks Barry to stay out of this, however he decides to put together a team to take on the aliens. He gathers Team Arrow, Supergirl, and even the Legends. Oliver insists that Barry take on the role of leader, which the speedster is not comfortable with. The group trains against Kara but not all is well in the world — and I’m not talking about the typical personalty clashes. Dr. Stein and Jax pull Barry aside to deliver a message from himself forty years in the future saying not to trust him. Oliver, who was invited by Barry to the meeting as well, learns about Flashpoint.

As well known by members of The Flash team, Barry’s decision to go back in time and save his mother has caused a new timeline, and has affected the current one in different ways. Jax, Dr. Stein, and Oliver are not happy, but they decide to not tell anyone until the alien’s have been taken care of. That however doesn’t work out when Barry’s “ex-friend” Cisco discovers the recording and lets the cat out of the bag, forcing Barry to tell everyone.

Each character has been affected by the timeline change, and Diggle is not happy when he finds out that he had a daughter taken away from him. (Dr Stein learns he has a daughter, but we’ll get to that in the Legends episode). The Legends are angry because they have been trying to protect time, leading to group conflict over Barry being the leader.It’s nice to see that finally others are learning of this mess, and giving Barry quite a few miles on his guilt trip.

Oliver sticks up for his friend saying he refuses to work on a team without him, however the others decide to take care of the mission to save the captured president without the scarlet speedster and the green arrow. While Barry and Oliver bond together at Star Labs, the others fall into a trap after the Dominators kill the President. They learn immediately that this was a trap all along to get the superhero’s to arrive at that warehouse together.

Suddenly our Superhero friends are under mind control of the dominators, and attack Barry and Oliver outside star labs. Wally intervenes at just right moment, but gets injured in the process. The fight scenes were amazing as the duo had to carefully take on all of their skilled friends. Thankfully before Oliver finds himself in a pickle, Barry breaks the trance by using the indestructible Supergirl as a “bomb” to shatter the alien device. When things seem to return to normal however part of the team (Oliver, Sara, Ray, Diggle, and Thea) is captured by the dominators.

Poor Oliver, will he ever learn to say no to Barry’s team ups?


For the 100th Episode the premise of this storyline is to show the life that “could have been” through a shared hallucination between our five hero’s. In this world Oliver never got on the boat, so we begin the episode on the day before his wedding to Laurel. We get to see the Lance sisters reunited, as well as Oliver and Thea with their parents. Somewhere in Chicago Tommy is a Doctor, which is why he is missing Laurel and Oliver’s big day.

However Oliver, Sara, and Thea soon get flashes of their real memories intertwined with this dream world and begin to realize something isn’t right. When Oliver and his father are being robbed the Green Arrow appears, and Oliver figures out how to locate him. It turns out none other than Diggle is the Green Arrow, and Felicity is still acting as Overwatch while being engaged to none other than Ray Palmer.


Meanwhile back in Star City Cisco and Felicity return to get some help in locating their missing colleges. The recruits have to go steal a chip from a villain of the week in order to be able to hack and trace the location of the aliens who have their friends. We have a bit of an unfulfilling side story where Wild Dog doesn’t want help from “metahumans or Aliens” — but ends up being saved by them and changing his tune. At least we got to see The Flash and Supergirl team up and take down their target quickly. The group located the ship, which is in outer space leading them to call for help from another.

On the day of his wedding Oliver and Diggle are the first to really realize something is not right. They get into a fight with Deathstroke without any weapons at their disposal, and It looks like the two are about to lose when Sara arrives in the nick of time, saving them like the badass she is. The three of them arrive back at the wedding and go to talk to Thea and Ray. Ray is easy to convince, but Thea doesn’t want to leave even though she knows it’s not real. However in the end she changes her mind because while she would be losing her recreated parents, she would much rather be with her brother.

When the group finally makes their move to escape their hallucination prison, they had to face off against former enemies in some good old one on one combat. It was a great action scene, and frankly seeing Sara get the chance to kill Darhk was extremely satisfying. However the most gut wrenching part was when they had to say goodbye, and I will admit that it tugged at my heart strings when Laurel begged Oliver to stay.

After returning to reality our hero’s escape their pods and start to look for a way off the ship. After they find a ship to escape in there is a short, but cool cg space battle that takes place before Nate Heywood swoops in with the Waverider and retrieves our hero’s.


Legends of Tomorrow:
Once the group is reunited on earth they want to find out what the Dominators intentions are after they learned something about a ‘weapon being ready’. So how do they do this, well go back in time of course! The plan is to travel to 1951, capture, and interrogate a dominator. Amaya, Mick, Nate, Felicity, and Cisco travel on the Waverider while the others stay behind.

When trying to create a weapon to use against the Dominators at Star Labs, Caitlyn decided to invite Dr. Stein’s daughter Lily who just happens to be an expert in nanotechnologies. We learn of the repercussions of Dr. Stein’s words to his younger self in 1987, creating an aberration. This makes working together tough, and the doctor ends up pushing her away. He tells Caitlyn the truth, and initially decided to go back and fix his mistake. However as he grows attached to her he changes his mind, and decides to keep her a secret and not tell the group. This choice angers Jax, as he is getting tired of having to keep these things to himself.


Unfortunately while capturing a Dominator, our ‘Legends’ Nate, Amaya, and  Mick are captured by the US government and the younger version of “Glasses”. They are able to find out what the dominators intentions are, which is to investigate the meta-humans and determine if they were a threat or not. Thankfully they are rescued by the “nerds” Felicity and Cisco. After hearing the Dominator being tortured, Cisco insists that they not leave it behind and instead help it return to it’s own kind. However it’s this compassionate gesture that allows the dominators to realize that they can easily take over our planet. When Cisco realizes what his act of kindness did to the timeline he realizes how easy it is to change the future – and feels guilty about his anger towards Barry.

Our hero’s that stayed behind run into a trap and end up talking to the mysterious government official “Glasses”. After a good ass-whooping session against his team, we learn that the Dominators are willing to let everyone live if they hand over Barry Allen. It turns out that Flashpoint is what broke the “treaty” with the Dominators deeming their planet as a threat. Barry decides to turn himself over and pay for his mistakes in order to save the world, but it seems the Dominators also plan to set off a bomb to kill all meta-humans.

Once Dr. Stein arrives with the nano-weapon designed to inflict pain on the Dominators, the group splits up. Cisco and Sara take the Waverider to stop the metabomb with the help of firestorm, while the rest battle the Dominators. After some intense scenes our Hero’s stop the bomb and force the dominators to retreat. At the end the group is recognized for their work by the new President and a party ensues right after. The team slowly starts to say their goodbyes with all friendships mended and new ones formed. After Sara returns to her ship this leaves both Barry and Oliver behind. They end up spending some well deserved ‘bro time’ picking on each other while sharing a beer, which is a great way to end the crossover.


This crossover event was quite the undertaking, but was it the best team-up ever? I think they did do a great job of linking the universes together, and while there were some small story annoyances in my opinion, as a whole it was great. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the next one.  Thanks for reading!