The Flash Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 6 “Shade”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.


We’re now six episodes into this season and we’re no closer to knowing the identity of Alchemy. The writers gave us a seemingly big clue when it was revealed that Julian had uncharacteristically missed a day of work, but I think that was just low-hanging fruit. If Julian was Alchemy, I think that reveal would have come at the end of this episode. So who is he? If the writers keep with the tradition of the first two seasons, then he’s someone that we’re not only familiar with but someone who has mentored Barry. Julian is the most likely choice (if you want to call what he does with Barry “mentoring”), but I think he’s too obvious. He’s there for the sole purpose of making us think he’s Alchemy. Another option is that we haven’t met Alchemy’s alter-ego yet. We’re only six episodes in, so there’s plenty of time to introduce the character who will ultimately end up being Alchemy. A third option is that he’s Jay Garrick from Earth-3. He would certainly fit the profile. We’re familiar with him and he mentored Barry this season during the Flashpoint crisis. It would be a bold move by the writers to make the real Jay Garrick into an evil villain, but that could also be another consequence of Barry messing with the timeline; Barry might have made this enemy himself.


This is the first real Wally episode we’ve gotten since he was introduced last season. Sure, we’ve spent a significant amount of time with him and gotten to know him, but this is the first episode that was devoted to his character development. Even this week’s metahuman, Shade, served as a distraction to the team while Alchemy sunk his claws into Wally.

Wally is a conflicted kid right now. His whole life has revolved around his desire to go fast. Now he’s been presented with the possibility of being a speedster and it’s created tunnel vision for him. If he was thinking rationally, he would understand why Joe, Barry, have a problem with this. His powers aren’t coming from the particle accelerator explosion like Barry’s and Jesse’s. He’s making a deal with Alchemy that he can’t possibly fulfill, but he’s making it anyway. It’s pretty much a given that he’ll end up fighting Barry, just like everyone else who’s made this deal has done. Unlike the others, this needs to result in Wally sticking around and keeping his powers. I’m excited to see how the writers get to the point from here.


My worst fears are coming true as Caitlin is transforming into Killer Frost. A part of me thinks this is a self-fulfilling prophesy she’s bringing on herself, but another part of me still thinks Caitlin’s is not of sound mind when she uses her full powers. This is truly sad to see. Of all the people on the team, Caitlin is the most relatable, and her story has been the most heartbreaking. She lost Ronnie only to fall in love with the Jay Garrick who turned out to be Zoom. Now, through no fault of her own, she’s developing these powers that transform her into an evil killer. I’d like to think this will all work out in the end, but the story isn’t trending that way. The only way she’ll truly be “fixed” is if Barry can figure out a way to fix this timeline he created after Flashpoint. Unless that happens, Caitlin is going to become Killer Frost for good.

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