The Flash Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 5 “Monster”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Flash.

No Metahumans

For just the second time in the show’s history, this episode featured no metahumans. That’s for the best as this episode needed to focus on the personal stories of the characters. The writers delved deep into the stories of Caitlin, Julian, and the new Wells. We got some cool monster action, but having this week’s villain be a non-powered kid was a break from the norm (and was particularly important to moving Julian’s story along). Even without the metahumans, this was still a good episode that set up plenty for the future.


I had my doubts after last week, but it’s now difficult to deny that Caitlin is on the path to being a villain. There have been three versions of Killer Frost in the history of DC, and none of them have been good (you can’t really be good with a name like Killer Frost). The most recent version was actually Caitlin Snow, and she was written into DC lore a year before the series premiere. It’s hard to believe the writers would choose her as a character if they didn’t intend on one day making her villain. If that was the plan from the start, I’m glad they waited. I don’t think any of us saw this coming, and even if you’re a fan of the comics, you had to suspect by now that the writers were changing Caitlin’s story as they have done numerous times. Now that may not be the case. She has these powers and she doesn’t seem able to control them. Even worse, using the powers seems to bring out the worst in her. It’s as if this power has also altered her psyche¬†and made her channel every angry feeling she’s ever had. It looks almost inevitable that Flash will have to battle her one day, and it’s going to be a heartbreaking battle. I can’t wait.


The writers took some time to finally craft a story for Julian. There are still people predicting a twist of Julian being Alchemy, but I’m not buying it. I’m pretty sure that theory just arose from the fact that we know nothing about him. That’s not really the case now. His hatred of metahumans stems from his anger at these people for getting powers and using them to do evil things (and he has a point; we haven’t met very many metahumans who use their powers for good). It comes off as jealousy, but I think it’s more disappointment. I think Julian, really does want to help people and change the world, and it’s incredibly disheartening to him that these people have the power to do that and they’ve chosen instead to harm people. I hope Julian doesn’t end up being bad because I think he’s been given a tremendous backstory now. If he does get powers, and I’m still betting on him becoming Atom Smasher, I hope he lives up to the ideals that he swears by.

HR Wells

I have to wonder how long HR will stick around Earth-1. While the character was a delight to watch, I already miss Harry from Earth-2. I don’t think there’s anywhere else for the writers to go with HR. They briefly teased the possibility of him having a motive counter to the team but then put all their cards on the table in the end. Unless the writers completely lied to the¬†audience about HR’s intentions, then they kind of wrapped up his story already.

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