Arrow Thoughts: S5 EP03 “A matter of trust”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)

“What kind of vigilante wears a hockey mask”

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

Trust is the theme of tonight’s episode linked through the whole storyline, and while we don’t see or hear from Tobias Church or Prometheus we still see the new Arrow team struggle through growing pains.

The primary story revolves around a new drug called “Stardust” which is being peddled by Derek Sampson (played by WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes). Rene disregards Oliver’s order to not investigate the drug ring, dragging in Evelyn as his backup. During the melee it appears that Rene defeats Derek by throwing him into a vat of chemicals used to make the drug. However in the process he develops superhuman strength and feels no pain.

This leads to some epic fight scenes between Derek and the Green Arrow. Eventually by the end Oliver grows to trust Rene more, and even offering him an apology before the entire group goes out into the field to take down Derek. At the end Oliver shows the group the “Arrow Cave” — allowing everyone to stare in awe at the facility, as well as the costumes of those members of the team who were before them.It’s a very nice ending to the group.

Mayor’s Office vs The Press
Meanwhile, there is fallout in the press after Thea decided for Oliver that Quentin Lance would become the deputy mayor. He tells her that it’s her problem and to fix it, however when Thea meets with the reporter things grow out of control, and it twisted into a story about Mayor Queen not knowing what’s going on in his administration.

Thea offers to resign but at the end Oliver stands up for his administration team, saying it was his decision and officially Introduces Quentin as his second in command. Thea has her moment with the reporter at the end admitting that she knows she was played.  The end comment about her only getting the chance to do so once, and that there won’t even be a “blog” left if she does so again gave me a vibe of fifty shades of Moira Queen. It’s nice seeing Thea not only take responsibility, but also asserting herself in this role.

Prison Life
Diggle is back in the US and being held in a prison, charged with multiple offenses including actions unbefitting of an officer. Lyla is working behind the scenes to prove his innocence, however during the episode we see the return of a familiar face. Deadshot is sharing a cell with Diggle, who proceeds to help him work through where the blame lies for his brother’s death. At the end we learn that it was only a hallucination, the weight of his choice to pull the trigger haunting him. He tells Lyla to stop fighting for him and that he is not fighting the charges, however at the end of the episode Lyla asks Oliver to break him out jail.

Havenrock Fallout
Curtis calls out his friend for acting strange around Rory when he realized that Ragman is from Havenrock. He talks Felicity into not keeping secrets and being honest, stating that was part of the problem with the original team. At the end of the episode in the arrow cave she finally tells Rory the truth and he says nothing while standing there shellshocked, and just walks away. It will be interesting to see what happens next and how this affects the team dynamic. Will her honesty make the team stronger or weaker?

As usual the Bratva flashbacks tie into the episode theme, showing that when building a team you must trust your brothers with your life and offer them the same in return. We also learn that the men whom were killed in the previous test was not an innocent man. Anatoly shows Oliver that the man who was killed was a criminal — not an innocent who needed to face justice by the hands of the Bratva either way.

Odds and Ends:
Interestingly enough we have a scene between Felicity’s new police officer boyfriend, who reaches out to the Green Arrow to warn him that someone is after him. When I saw this scene I couldn’t help myself for saying out loud “Please let the police officer actually be prometheus.” — I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if my thoughts are correct 😉

Easter Eggs:

  • Marc Guggenheim is a huge Billy Joel Fan, so the title of the episode came from one of his songs.
  • “Stardust” is the name of the Wrestler Cody Rhodes portrays
  • “Mr Terrific” which will become Curtis’s name is also the name of a wrestler, throwing back to Cody Rhode’s normal profession.
  • “What kind of Vigilante wears a hockey mask” plays into the fact that Amell was recently featured in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 movie as Casey Jones — no wonder he thinks it’s cool 😉

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