Arrow Thoughts: S5 EP02 “The Recruits”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)

Oh how we have missed you salmon ladder…

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

Building a Team

Tonights episode revolves around building a new team. He reluctantly brings in the new recruits; Curtis Holt, Evelyn Sharp, and Rene Ramirez. His training of them mirrors the initiation into the Bratva; the idea is to figure out that you need to work together to ring the bell. However this method doesn’t work, and if causes the recruits to get angry.

When asked to help out during the free healthcare clinic the new team is having a hard time being positive, and when Ragman appears and goes after the CEO of the company sponsoring the event Wild Dog does not follow orders. While his recklessness saved a girl and got them a piece of evidence, Oliver still lectured all of them. The team feels like they are untrusted and they all quit, including Curtis.

Felicity has a heart to heart with Oliver and he speaks about his time in Russia which taught him that the only person you should trust is yourself. She reminds him that the OTA (Original team Arrow) worked so well because they all had trust and respect for each other. By the end of the scene he admits his mistake, and says that he knows now that he was protecting himself.

After recruiting Ragman to his side and getting him to give up chasing revenge, he calls the recruits back. This is when he reveals his identity to them, showing that they are now in his circle of trust. All three members agree to join his team, even reluctant Rene who still wants a new codename (to which Oliver replies ‘Never’).


“It’s really cute that you think I can be replaced.”

Meanwhile near Russia
Diggle, who is a sergeant in the Army, will be leading a team to retrieve a WMD. We see him taking on a role as a mentor, calming a young recruit before the mission, and helping him to overcome his fear and injury when the mission goes south. Unfortunately the very soldier he was trying to ensure lived ended up dying thanks to corruption within the Army. We later see Diggle being forced to confess and threatened to face a court marshal.

Will Diggle be dishonorably discharged or is he really working for Argus to expose the corruption? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Tobias Church & Prometheus
As expected Tobias is up to no good, getting into bed with a corporation to steal some weapons, however at the ending he receives a visit from the masked man we saw at the end of episode one. His name is Prometheus, and states that the Green Arrow is his. As teased before he has a score to settle with our man in green, and he will be the true ‘big bad’ of the season.

Odds and Ends:

I find it interesting that Thea is making ‘fixing up’ Quentin Lance her personal mission. While he made a mistake during his security job she offers him the position of Deputy Mayor; the Father of Laurel/The Black Canary looking to repair the city she fought for. It’s a nice touch but he will not be fixed overnight.

I also liked that we see Felicity still struggling with the deaths of the innocent people in Havenrock after Oliver recruits Ragman. It will be interesting to see how their partnership comes into play and affect both Felicity and Ragman over the next few episodes.

Also as a side note we learn that Felicity’s new boyfriend is a police officer, which is an interesting twist. Also, her excuses are just as horrible as Oliver’s were in season 1. A rag to trace a maid? You can do better than that!

As always, thanks for reading and please feel free to leave your comments below!