Arrow Thoughts: S5 EP01 “Legacy”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)


WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

Well here we are again, the beginning of Season 5 of Arrow. The fans were promised a darker, grittier, more action oriented story arc so let’s see what the writers have created for us!

Arrow — “Legacy” © 2016 The CW Network

Opening with a Bang
We open with the ‘Mayor Handsome’ late to his police fundraiser because he’s out fighting crime as the Green Arrow,  Thea stalling for him as usual. The action sequences are intense and exciting, and we see a familiar villain, Anarky is still up to his old tricks wanting to blow things up.


We learn that five months have passed and a lot has changed. Oliver has dipped back into the darkness, resorting to killing once more. The ‘team’ consists of Oliver and Felicity since Thea retired and John joined the army once more. Because of this lack of help our favorite hacker tried to convince the man in green that he needs to build a new team rather than sticking arrows in the new vigilantes that were created. However Oliver is still clinging to the past, hoping the team comes back…much to Felicity’s dismay.

A New Man in Town
Dirty cops and crime is running rampant in the city, and to make matters work a well known man of the underworld arrives in Star City. Tobias Church gives an old school villainous vibe to the episode, bringing out 
brass knuckles, bombs, and leaving many bodies behind. While magical powers and meta-humans are fun, the real ‘bad ass’ villains are what the show needs right now.

Not only does Tobias take over all the local crime syndicates, he also happens to kidnap the mayor and some officials, holding them hostage and inflicting pain. He sure isn’t taking too long to flex his muscles and make a statement is he? During his fights with the green Arrow, including one on a helicopter we get the gritty action scenes most fans have been asking for to return. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for this season.

The Last Canary
Legacy is the theme of this episode, and while it mostly revolves around Oliver’s legacy we also revisit the Black Canary. A statue is erected in her memory, and her death weighs heavy on everyone; especially Thea and Captain Lance. Thea has enjoyed a normal life away from killing and doesn’t want to go back, while Captain Lance’s short term fling with Donna Smoak ended and he began to hit the bottle again. Both struggle to find ways to move forward, much like the rest of the team.

“Please don’t let me be the last Canary,” those were some of Laurels final words to Oliver. She always wanted some part of her out on the streets with him, and by the end of the episode while he isn’t ready for a new Black Canary to hit the streets, he’s willing to form a new team. There are several vigilantes on the loose, and it’s up to The Green Arrow to bring them in, refine their skills, and get them to work together to help save the city.

The Flashbacks
WE HAVE SIGHTED THE BRATVA. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, IT’S BRATVA TIME! Can you tell I’m a wee bit excited for these flashbacks? I had always wondered how Oliver became a captain of the Russian group, and this season we will finally get our answer.In order for Oliver to keep his promise to the Russian chick in S4 (yes, I have already forgotten her name, it starts with a T though) he travels to the country and joins fighting rings to try and track his target down.

We finally see the return of Anatoly, who you will remember from season one and two’s island flashbacks. He is the head of the Bratva, and after saving Oliver’s life he says he can help him, but first he must live long enough to make it in this organization. We leave off with Oliver taking quite the beating, and he has a long path in front of him to follow

Well, Well…who do we have here?

Oh well look who appeared at the end of the episode! Could that perhaps be our primary villain of season 5? WHY YES IT IS! The “unnamed” man in the hood is causing trouble, and seems to be out for revenge against the Green Arrow. This is just the beginning of his appearances on the show.

Odds and Ends:
It appears Felicity has a new man in her life, which given her usual relationships either means he’s an enemy or going to be another hero…I’m leaning towards the first notion.We also learn who the prospective new teammates are; Wild Dog, Artemis, and of course Mr. Fantastic! I look forward to watching Oliver turn this group of misfits into a real team in the coming weeks.

Also, I am glad to see at the end of the episode that Oliver got to talk to Diggle, getting his approval to form a new team. This allows everyone a nice bit of closure, allowing them to move towards the future.

Overall the episode was fast paced and had lots of action and new story twists. I am so relieved to see the show return to it’s roots, and feel excited for this new season. As always, thanks for reading and please feel free to leave your comments below!