Grant Gustin Reveals “Flashpoint” Title for Season 3 Premiere of The Flash


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There will be spoilers for the Flash show and comics ahead. 

A funny thing happened on Twitter this afternoon as Grant Gustin, star of The Flash revealed the title of the season three premiere. It all started when Gustin made this little tease to the fans:

Then series producer Greg Bertlani jumped in and gave Gustin permission to reveal the title:

This is not a drill indeed.

What is Flashpoint?

If you haven’t read Flashpoint or watched the feature-length cartoon Flashpoint Paradox on Netflix (and you should do both), here’s a quick synopsis. Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother’s life and changes the entire world. It features most of the well-known DC Comics superheroes like Superman and Batman, but this one act by Barry has changed their lives in incredible ways. Superman was caught by the U.S. government as soon as he crashed to earth and was kept away from the sun, thus making him grow into a fragile man. Bruce Wayne was shot and killed in that alley as a boy and his father became Batman while his mother went insane and became The Joker. There’s much more. Seriously, read or watch this story. Do both. It is so worth your time.

So What Now?

This could potentially be the biggest story that the CW has ever told. If done right, Barry’s going back to save his mother in the season two finale should affect the storylines of Arrow and the newly acquired Supergirl (Legends of Tomorrow could be safe since it takes place in various periods of history). Every episode of these shows should focus on how they are changed. Oliver Queen could be the one to die on that raft while his father eventually takes up the mantle of Green Arrow. Supergirl could be the one who crashes to earth only to be captured or this could be the event that explains her moving into the Arrowverse permanently (Superman will also appear in the first couple of Supergirl episodes, so this could go anywhere).

More characters can be introduced in this event, and an event is precisely what it needs to be. It would be exceedingly disappointing, and potentially nonsensical if this storyline were to be contained strictly to The Flash. I can accept this story being wrapped up in just a few episodes, but Barry’s actions need to reverberate throughout the whole Arrowverse. I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t been this excited about something like this since Civil War was announced. I’m ready for October.