Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP21 “Monument Point”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)


WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

Hackers, Criminals, and Nukes OH MY! Monument Point was a fast-paced episode slam packed with action, familiar faces, and quick story movements. In order to reflect back on this episode properly I had to watch it twice to make sure I got everything, so forgive the slight delay!


The main theme of this episode is that Damien Dahrk is finally going to launch Rubicon to destroy the earth so he can give it a fresh start with his conditioned followers. Team Arrow has just under 21 hours to stop the attack, and of course nothing is quite ever that easy. Felicty inform the team that she cannot hack Rubicon on her own, and that there is only one person who can…her father. She doesn’t want to trust him, but since he wrote the book on these protocols he’s their only hope.

You get a villain, and You get a villain…
Danny Brickwell and Murmur are working (somewhat unwillingly) for Damien Darhk tying up his lose ends. We learn that they are out to get Felicity’s father, Noah Kuttler who also escaped from Iron Heights because he is the only one who can hack Rubicon.

We also see the return of Anarky, who creepily calls Thea his “Mother” when he shows up to get revenge on Darhk. While he plays a small part in this storyline in this episode, he still manages to make quite a stir which I’ll reflect on later.

Firing and a Heist
After the Greeen Arrow, Spartan, and Felicty save her father just in time from getting creamed by Brickwell they need to gather some firepower to hack Rubicon properly. Palmer Technology has a processor that they can use, but Felicity just happens to be ousted as CEO right before she can take it. So what does the team do? They plan an elaborate heist of course!

The heist itself may have been unsuccessful in the end, but it still was a great action sequence and there were some funny moments between Felicity and her father. While we don’t want to see a total reconciliation, It’s nice to see him finally start to at least act like a father, especially when he takes a gunshot for her in the end.

Unfortunately by the time Rubicon is overridden, one Nuke from Russia had already been launched and it was heading straight for Monument Point. Without a way to stop the missile from striking, Felicity worked to redirect the missile’s GPS where it exploded in a smaller suburb called Havencroft. “Tens of Thousands” were lost,  and even though Millions were saved this devastation will affect Felicity for quite a while.

Nerd Fact: Monument Point is a city in the DC Comic Universe near Washington DC.
The original Flash Jay Garrick was mayor there (maybe this will tie into the Flash?)


Under the Dome
Back in Darhk’s underground city we find out that Malcolm indeed had Thea brought there to protect her. In typical daddy fashion too he actually agrees that the world needs a fresh start and he gives Dahrk credit for doing what he wanted to the glades on a larger scale.

“Thea you’re not a pawn, you’re a Queen, Get it?”

In comes Anarky (Lonnie Machin) to start some trouble and get his revenge on Darhk. His plan is to shut down the oxygen system for the underground city, however he is thwarted by Thea and Malcolm. Anarky gets away, but he reappears when Thea goes to check on Alex. The and Anarky fight, and he makes a comment about how she shouldn’t let her life be ruled by a man…she is a “queen” after all. For once, he’s actually making some sense. Of course in the process he very likely has just killed Alex.

Odds and Ends
We see the relationship between Diggle and Oliver stat to show some fractures; Oliver is worried that Diggle lied to Lyla about Andy’s death being in self defense and tells him that he’s better than that. This decision will likely come back to haunt Diggle, and who knows if it throw him into the darkness next.

We also find out that Pike offered Lance an out, if he signed a statement that he did not approve of Laurel being the Black Canary they will give him his badge back. Donna Smoak finds this and encourages Lance to “do the right thing” and remember who Laurel was. Eventually he does, putting his badge at risk but in the long run this shows that what the Black Canary did was for the good of the city.

The flashbacks somewhat tied into the current events, the idol feeds off death Which is why Dahrk’s powers are at an insane level at the end. We also see that that Taiana ended up taking on the idols powers as she held it. She’s likely to go all bad guy soon, and I have a feeling Oliver will have to kill her somehow.

Overall while this episode was filled to the max with stories, it didn’t feel as disjointed as the previous episode which is a huge relief. Now that Oliver and Diggle have found the entrance to the underground city the story will reach it’s next phase. With only two episodes left we are likely going to see quite a bit of action next week. As always, thanks for reading and please feel free to leave your comments below.