Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 3 Episode 19 “Failed Experiments”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Civil War

Last week I changed my mind on the Agents of SHIELD-Civil War tie-in. I’ve been saying for a year now, going back to the end of season two, that there wouldn’t be any significant tie-in. I changed my mind at the last second when I should have stuck to my guns because other than a couple of lines referencing Iron Man and Cap, there was no sign of the rest of the MCU at all. Some may look at this as a disappointment but I’m fine with it. The writers will probably never recapture the excitement of the tie-in episode with The Winter Soldier, and they’re right to not even attempt such a thing. Unlike in season one, the show is getting great reviews and has now come into its own as far as the story and characters go. Agents of SHIELD no longer needs the films to be relevant (and the films never needed nor acknowledged the show). Not having an episode that leads directly into the film being released two days later is a gutsy move by the writers, but it’s the right one.


What’s going on with Daisy? I’m pretty sure she’s still brainwashed, but the writers are doing a great job of keeping us guessing. I spent most of this episode assuming she was still under Hive’s control, but that ending had me doubting myself (I’m not going to learn my lesson about sticking to my guns). How big of a twist would that be if she’s killed or becomes a legitimate villain? It’s highly unlikely to happen, but that doesn’t mean the potential twist isn’t being heavily sold right now, and it’s pretty damn fun to watch. Seeing Daisy go up against Mack, one of her closest SHIELD allies and friends, and savagely beating him with her powers was exhilarating. Having her end the episode by reminding us that she had Kree blood coursing through her veins and offering that blood to Hive did nothing to assuage my fears that she’s truly turned bad. With two episodes left (three if you count the finale as two), hopefully, we get some major twists and turns with her.

Favorite Scene

Having the Kree make another appearance did a great job of reinforcing the backstory on the Inhumans. While I would have liked to have seen them give Hive more of a fight, the action wasn’t what I appreciated about their appearance; just inserting them into the story worked well for me. If Marvel ever gets the rights back to the Skrulls, things like this will have served to already set up the war between these two alien races. If that doesn’t happen, then simply acknowledging that Inhumans’ history with the Kree does a great service to the source material.

Update: It appears Marvel Studios has partial ownerships of the Skrulls with Fox. I’m not sure of the details, but Marvel can apparently use the Skrulls in some capacity.

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