Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP19 “Canary Cry”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)


WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

This episode we witness the team struggling to accept that Laurel is gone while a new “Black Canary” appears in the city.

A Shattered Team:
Felicity blames herself for not being with the team, Oliver blames himself, Thea is depressed, but most of all Diggle is shouldering the blame the hardest. After the betrayal of his brother he is taking it upon himself to do something. This “something” turns out to be going after Ruve Adams, the new mayor and wife of Darhk. Thankfully the green arrow stops him from doing anything vicious, but Diggle’s choice creates repercussions later in the episode.

The Pain of a Father:
We watched Quentin Lance once again struggle to grasp the fact that Laurel is gone. With the world being full of magical artifacts, lazarus pits, and metahumans he believed that there was a way to bring her back. Who could blame him when he lost Sara twice and got her back; however this time fate will not be so kind.

We watched him struggled through this period with both Nyssa and Oliver, leading to some pretty tissue-box worthy moments. I think the scene that hit me the hardest was when he was speaking with his ex-wife Dinah, as well as during Oliver’s eulogy.


Protecting Her Legacy:
One of the main ideas of this episode was protecting the legacy of Laurel and what she accomplished as the Black Canary. With a teenage imposter named Evelyn Sharp running around that is looking for revenge against HIVE after they killed her parents. She blames the Green Arrow as well for failing the city, which seems to only add to his grief at the time.

After stopping the imposter from killing the mayor we flash forward to the Funeral, where Oliver tells everyone that Laurel is the true Black Canary, and they even place that mantle on her headstone.I think that was extremely important to everyone, including Laurel. The world needed to know what Dinah Laurel Lance did to help save the world.

Thankfully the Flashbacks only pertained to Oliver and Laurel’s relationship rather than time on the island. It was a much welcomed break and helped the story along. It answers the questions as to how Laurel got the picture from Oliver, and what happened to their relationship after Tommy’s death.

Kill the Bastard:
At the end of the episode we see the end of the awkward limo scene where Felicity and Oliver agree that Damien Darhk needs to die. Oliver’s grief seems to be catching up with him, and he appears frustrated as he says he’s not sure how to defeat him or this evil magical power. Felicity gives him a strict lecture on how he will find a way, and not to give up — she even threw in a line about how she fell in love with him because of that. It will be interesting to see how the remaining episodes play out.

Easter Eggs:
Evelyn Sharp is a nod to Evelyn Crawford who is “Starling” in the Birds of Prey Series. In the comics she is a friend of Dinah that joins the group along with Katana and Poison Ivy. She is a strategist that is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as using multitudes of weapons. Perhaps we could see Evelyn come back and fill this possible role later in the series.

Overall I think the episode was a good one and a fitting tribute to Laurel. My only gripe is that the “villain” this week seemed a bit thrown together, I would have much rather seen them focus on Darhk, but then again I’m not a writer for the show. As always, thanks for reading and please feel free to leave your comments below.