Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP18 “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)

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WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

If I could sum up “Eleven-Fifty-Nine” in one sentence it would be this: Talk about keeping you on the edge of your seat up through the last minute of the episode.

The Episode starts off with the revelation that Malcolm Merlyn is going to break Damien Darhk out of Prison, and Andy Diggle is the ‘Ace” up their sleeve. We then move to the acceptance speech of Ruve Adams after she won the election uncontested; even though Oliver Queen won 48% of the vote as a write-in candidate.  Not too shabby for our man in green huh? But Adam’s isn’t done yet, she gives Laurel Lance an enticing offer, which is to take over as the District Attorney.


The Diggle Brothers
One of the biggest storyline’s that plays out is the relationship between John and Andy. After what seemed to be a turnaround in their relationship, Andy was once again drawing suspicions as either still working for Dahrk or being played by him.

Oliver doesn’t trust Andy after a heist that was a distraction to allow Merlyn to steal the Idol occurred, and then once again when he just happened to take an arrow for our hero in green. Oliver follows Andy to John’s home and discovers him looking for the missing piece of the idol, and when he questions Andy’s intentions John intervenes and orders the Green Arrow out.

We learn at the end of the episode that in fact Andy was never turned back into the brother John remembered, he was working for Darhk the whole time. This betrayal hits John hard, and will have long-lasting repercussions in the coming episodes.

Malcolm and Thea
Malcolm Merlyn once again is only helping Darhk in order to ensure his and Thea’s safety form the genesis project. While he would do anything to keep her alive Thea doesn’t like his actions. Their relationship is somewhat similar to Dr. Wells and his daughter Jesse in the Flash, just with more dark assassins and less meta-humans.

Thea’s rage towards Merlyn is noticed by Laurel and Oliver, and there is no sign of that subsiding by the end of the episode after they fight for the second time. He tells her that she will never win against him until she gives into her rage and bloodlust. It will be interesting to see how this father/daughter relationship pans out.


One Last Time
Laurel decides she is going to take the DA job, but she still wants to help with the prison break for one last outing as the Black Canary. During the battle she fights alongside her friends, but because of Andy Diggle’s betrayal Darhk is able to complete the idol and regain his evil powers.

In the process of doing so he tells everyone that he knows their secret identities, and then puts his focus on Laurel. He tells her that he has a message for her father pertaining to his betrayal; then takes Oliver’s Arrow and stabs her through the chest.

After a hellacious surgery it appears that Laurel will be fine, and the team is relieved. Oliver stays behind in her room and they have a tender moment. It’s fantastic that we get to see Laurel tell the team how much she cares for them, and how they made her feel alive. After everyone leaves she reveals to Oliver that she held onto the photo of herself that kept him going on the island. She explains that while she knows Felicity is the love of his life, he will always be hers. Just as this statement begins to sink in, seconds later Laurel goes into cardiac arrest and is pronounced dead.

An End of an Era:
After all the speculation over who was in the grave we finally have our answer; Dinah Laurel Lance. The team is devastated over Laurel’s death, and I doubt there was a dry eye when we witnessed Captain Lance go through the heartache of losing another daughter.

In the beginning many fans hated Laurel’s character, myself included, seeing her as a snotty and “woe is me” type. We watched her deal with many losses; the death of Tommy and the painful death and resurrection of her sister. We shared in her struggles with substance abuse, and saw her take control of her life and career. She mended her friendship with Oliver so much over this past season, and they were truly starting to look like partners. Just as she had regained her footing and became the Black Canary she’s gone.

It will be interesting to watch not only how this affects the team, but also Sara (who is on Legends of Tomorrow). This is quite a change in dynamic for the story, and while the loss of Laurel is heartbreaking maybe it’s the shake up this show needs.

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