Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP17 “Beacon of Hope”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)

Arrow — “Beacon of Hope” — Emily Kinney as Brie Larvan — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

A villain from The Flash has returned, and so have all the “bee” puns. Brie Larvan hacks herself an early release date from prison, and once she’s out she heads straight to Palmer Tech where she unleashes her not-so-friendly electronic hive. She threatens to kill the board members one by one until she get the biometric chip implanted in Felicity’s body.

Of course this means that at the same time Thea and Mama Smoak have to be visiting with Felicity, trapping them all inside a building without cell coverage or internet. But never fear, team Arrow has a new not-so-unlikely helper to solve the case.

He’s Terrific
Looking to help his boss Felicity escape, Curtis Holt pushes aside his cold and seeks out the Green Arrow. Once he tracks the location to the old campaign office he learns of the secret Arrow Cave and the superhero’s identities.

Curtis is able to almost get the trio safely outside the building, but the Bee’s adapt and force them back inside. Oliver becomes stung and as the bee’s replicate in side him Curtis looks to the Canary to have her “Mariah Carey” moment and kill the bee’s with the frequency of her Canary Cry in order to save Oliver.


Malcom Merlyn pays a little visit to Damien Darhk in prison, telling him the bad news. HIVE is moving forward with genesis without him Prison fight led by Michael Amar, or Myrmer, who previously appeared in season three. After Darhk survives and Mymer comes for round two however this time he is able to win thanks to some good old fashioned bribery.  At the end we see Meryln with someone in a car stating that he was Darhk’s Ace in the hole, and it was none other than Andy Diggle.

More Bees…
Back at Palmer tech Felicity and Thea are able to get the board members and Mama Smoak to the secret elevator to escape, but they are left behind to face Larvan. We learn that she is after the skematics because she needs a surgery to remove a spinal tumor, and will never walk again without that chip’s technology.

When reviewing the plans she realizes that Felicity was the hacker that put her in prison, and decides to make her pay for it. Luckily The Green Arrow arrives in time, but after being shot and Thea getting knocked out by the “super bee” It’s up to Felicity to electrocute the thing. Curtis is able to then turn the bee’s against Larvan, and she ends up stung by her own creations and left in a coma.

Beacon of Hope
Felicity sounds like she’s decided to not return to the team, instead she wants to do what Thea suggested. The Beacon of Hope involves turning Palmer Technologies into something else, hinting at Smoak Technology becoming a reality.

Once again the ship seems to have sailed. Felicity shows no signs of changing her mind as evident by her conversations with her mom. Oliver makes a joke that Felicity “isn’t Voldemort” when the team dances around using her name, but he’s still sulking and being his normal self by taking out  on others. Thankfully though this time he at least apologized to poor Curtis by the end of the episode.


Miscellaneous Odds & Ends
It was nice seeing Laurel once again step in and become Oliver’s therapist. I like that the two of them are finally appearing on equal terms now, and it’s making me like Laurel a lot more this season.

Baron Reiter is still after his idol even though he was shot. That’s all the time I’m going to spend on the flashbacks. (Did that sound sassy, because it was intended to be taken that way!)

Judging by the previews for next week “Eleven fifty-nine” sounds like someone is going to flatline…perhaps we will finally learn who is in the grave by the end of the episode. Here’s to hoping!

As always, thanks for reading!