Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP16 “Broken Hearts”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)

“Isn’t anyone else gonna say it?”

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

I’m Cupid, Stupid!
A familiar villainess made her return to Star City, aiming her arrows at love. After losing both the Arrow and Deadshot, Carrie Cutter is taking her feelings out by murdering high profile celebrity couples. She says that Love is a bullet to the brain and she wishes to make a point by shattering fairytale’s.

The Sinking Ship
The first scene we have with Oliver and Felicity takes place as she’s preparing to move out. We have a cute awkward moment with Felicity, but that doesn’t lighten the mood of their breakup. The awkwardness continues in the lair, where the team learns that their engagement is off. She refuses to talk to the team about the details, but Oliver and Diggle have a moment where he encourages him to just give her time.

To make matters worse, after escaping team Arrow’s grasp Oliver and Felicity are forced to pretend to get married in order to draw Cupid out. During their vows Felicity seems aloof, but Oliver takes the opportunity to pour his heart out. He tells her how she was his light and changed him for the better, and that he will never stop loving her. His words seem to get through to Felicity, and when she tells cupid what love truly is about the Olicity fandom probably collectively screamed with excitement.

However the fairytale for this couple appears to be over for now. Felicity seemingly walks away from the team stating it’s too hard to be there with him every night. Has this ship sailed, or could something in the future bring them back together?



Case Dismissed?
The secondary plot of the episode revolves around the arrested Damien Darhk who kidnapped William. During the preliminary hearing the defense moves to dismiss the case due to lack of hard evidence. The judge then forced laurel to bring her evidence to the next hearing. After the testimony of Diggle is discredited, it looks like Darhk could walk. However Quinten Lance makes a stunning proposal, to testify on the stand.  By doing this he would incriminate himself.

Laurel initially refuses to take that choice, but eventually he talks her into letting him do it to atone for what he did. Captain Lance testifies against Darhk giving a compelling statement of all the deeds he did while under duress. When his credibility is question he says why would he risk his career unless it’s the truth?  at the end of the episode we see Lance have to give up his badge and gun, and he will be on suspension until the union reviews his case.

The Cave
Well we finally got to the point int he flashbacks where we discover that the idol in the cave on the island is the same one Darhk used for his own power. Baron Reiter sacrifices one of his men to awaken it’s power, but surprise Oliver and Taiana run away with the idol. After learning that the only way to get out is to go back the way they came, they attack some of Reiter’s men and steal their guns.  Hopefully we will soon learn how this idol falls into Darhk’s hands, because personally I am getting really annoyed by Taiana

Miscellaneous Odds & Ends
At the end of the episode before felicity leaves she places a USB flash drive into her computer and removes it quietly. Could this leave Felicity a “backdoor” to watch over team arrow from afar? Or perhaps it could come in handy for the next episode when Brie Larvan wreaks havoc on Palmer Tech.

I’m curious to see if in the next episode we see Curtis start to become “Mr Terrific.” Now he won’t turn into a superhero overnight, but I believe this will be the beginning of his transformation.

One more little tidbit that may have fallen off your radar was the mention of a specific country. Markovia is a European country in the DC Universe that’s been mentioned a few times in Arrow as a place where Deadshot was hiding, where the suicide squad was sent by Waller, and now the origin of Darhk. Markovia sounds like a haven for criminals doesn’t it? 

As always, thanks for reading!