Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP15 “Taken”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)


WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

Well they sure as heck know how to give us a cliffhanger before the season break. “Taken” was a fast paced episode that never once slowed down. At the beginning we see Felicity attempt to take her first steps after the Biochip has been implanted, being cheered on by Oliver and Curtis Holt’s husband. She becomes frustrated when her attempts fail, and while she’s pouring heart out to Oliver guess who interrupts? Why, if it isn’t Damien Darhk. He gives Oliver an ultimatum, drop out of the mayoral race by 6PM Friday or William is dead.

William Who?
Not only is Felicity, but all of team Arrow appears to be shocked to learn that Oliver has a son, and that he’s been kidnapped. Both Felicity and Laurel struggle with this admission in different ways. For Laurel it reminded her that Oliver cheated on her when they were dating, reopening old wounds. For Felicity she isn’t upset that he has a son; she’s upset because he hid it from her. She understands that Samantha made him a deal, but he still should have told her the truth, and Oliver Agrees.

I’m the Green Arrow
Needless to say when Samantha Clayton arrives in Star City she too has some choice words for Oliver, blaming him for what happened to her son. The only way he can think to calm her down is to admit that he is the Green Arrow, and he takes her down into the Arrow Cave to prove it.

This leads to her and Laurel having a moment where they patch things up (where Oliver says it wasn’t either of them, it was Oliver). She also then is spending time with Felicity alone in the lair while building a profile for the police. Felicity handles the situation with poise, but you can still see a storm brewing for the end of the episode.

Vixen (Mari) makes her debut on the TV show kicking some butt in Detroit when Oliver pays her a visit to ask for help. She returns to Star City and is introduced to the team, stating she would help locate his son. Thanks to the services of Willaim’s favorite Flash Action figure they are able to track him down, but when they arrive Darhk is waiting and had already moved William elsewhere. Mari sheds some hope on the situation, and makes the suggestion that Dahrk must have a totem of his own that allows him to use his powers. With the help of Lance she is able to reach out to a friend to find out what it is.

(Note: If you would like to watch the animated shorts on Vixen then click here)


The Campaign
Oliver suspends his campaign for mayor and puts his full support behind Ruve Adams as a candidate. Alex seems more angry than anyone that Oliver threw in the towel, but Oliver refused to tell him why. I hope that at some point he can clear the air with Alex.

Use Magic against Magic
After getting approval from Samantha first, the team puts together a plan to not only rescue William but also take out Darhk’s source of power. While team Arrow works to take out the guards outside, Vixen breaks in and steals Darhk’s totem. Then by challenging all the spiritual animals she was able to break it, leaving Darhk as an ordinary, powerless man. This gives Oliver the opportunity to beat him up a bit before the cops arrive.

Safe For Now
After the police return William to his mother he tells her that he wants a Green Arrow action figure now. They return to Central City, but are going to move elsewhere and not tell anyone (including Oliver) where they are going. Oliver then records a video for his sone explaining why he couldn’t be there for him, and that he was the Green Arrow.


The Ring
Queue the heartache; at the end of the episode we see Felicity and Oliver finally talk about what happened. Felicity explains that marriage is about inclusion, and once again he is making decisions and shutting her out. She then places her ring on the table, and both our hero’s have eyes filled with tears. Suddenly Felicity has feeling in her foot, and slowly stands up and begins to walk. Oliver is amazed, but then the first thing she does is walk herself out the door of their apartment without saying a word. Ouch.

Miscellaneous Odds & Ends
We once again see the awful relationship Thea has with Merlyn. He lies to her about not knowing of William’s kidnapping, then when they discover it was him who did Darhk’s dirty work she became enraged. Not only did he refuse to save her life, but he also put someone’s child in danger out of spite. The argues with him, but once again the bullheaded Merlyn says that he “would rather have you hate me and be alive than love me and be dead.”

In the flashback we see a ghostly possessed Conklin appear at the entrance to the cave, however it disappears when it deems Oliver worthy to pass because of the tattoo that Constantine transferred to him. We end the sequence on the reveal of a dark cave, likely where some mystical object will be found.

Unfortunatly the show is on break until March 23rd, so we will have to wait a while to find out what happens next. I suppose we’ll all need to sit in suspense until then. As always, thanks for reading!