Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP14 “Code of Silence”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)



WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

Once again the title for the episode ties in with the primary theme of the episode. Code of Silence starts out in the time leading up to the Mayoral Debate between Oliver Queen and Damien Darhk’s wife Ruve Adams. However nothing is easy for Team Arrow, and they have a set of demolition experts running around the city starting trouble.

Target on Lance:
Darhk is trying to tie up lose ends, so Captain Lance is on his list. Quintin was tricked into arriving at a fake breaking & entering call, injuring him in a building collapse. If it’s wasn’t for Laurel being with him he would have likely died. Thinking that Darhk is behind it, Quintin decides to put some distance between him and Donna.  She doesn’t take well to his lie as to why they must stay away. In a heart to heart with her daughter, Felicity tells her mother that Quintin was lying to protect her and that she should trust him. At the end of the episode at the engagement party He tells donna the truth, and all is well with Mama Smoak and Lance once more.

Bring in the experts:
Hive has added demolition experts to their fold, tasked with not only trying to take out Lance but also other buildings in town. They started out with one abandoned building, then a warehouse, which team arrow was barely able to escape from in time before it collapsed. The team’s final target was the hall where the debate was to be held, this led to a pretty neat set of action sequences and eventually the capture of the bombers.

The Debate:
After Team Arrow is able to deactivate the bombs set up in the hall where the debate is to take place, we see the two candidates finally meeting on stage. Oliver makes a snide comment about the applause ‘almost’ bringing down the house, obviously shaking Ruve to the core. Oliver wins the debate, and he is seen as the favorite in the race. That doesn’t mean however that Ruve Adams is done yet, or Darhk for that matter.

Thea Learns the Secret:
After an un-cashed check Samantha Clayton is discovered, Thea figures out that William is Oliver’s son. Oliver confesses to her it’s the truth, and he approached Samantha in Central City. There were two conditions on him being able to see William; Oliver could tell no one and that he could never tell William that he was his father. After Thea tells him this is for the best because he’s protecting his son, and that she believes he is doing the right thing.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.30.48 PM
“Curtis, You are Terrific”

Miscellaneous Odds & Ends
We learn that Malcolm Merlyn had weaseled his way into helping Darhk and HIVE, as he appears at their base of operations. We also learn that indeed Lyla has taken over as the head of ARGUS, which will likely tie in with their appearance in the next episode of The Flash.

Felicity’s mother plans an engagement party for Oliver and Felicity, and it’s quite extravagant with a little bit of vegas flare. During the party Curtis gives Felicity his wedding gift: It’s a biometric chip developed to help felicity walk again after it’s been implanted in her spine. He says it’s experimental, but he believes it will hopefully work by her wedding day so she can walk down the aisle.  When Oliver thanks him he says “you are terrific” teasing Curtis’s future alter ego.

We also learn at the end that William has been kidnapped by Darhk, a bold move that will surely bring out the worst in Oliver. In the teaser for the next episode we also learn that finally Felicity will learn the truth about his son, and we get to see the arrival of Vixen on TV.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more Arrow chatter with you all in the upcoming weeks!