Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP12 “Unchained”

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)


WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

I would have called this episode “family reunion” rather than unchained. There were many familiar faces that rejoined the cast in this episode; Roy Harper, Shado, Katana, and Nyssa.

The Calculator
The Calculator blackmailed Roy Harper into stealing high tech objects. Felicity believes he is trying to build a “web nuke” which could take down the internet. However instead he plans on blowing up the city; targeting the power grid, trains, water, and gas lines killing thousands of people. Thanks to the hacking help of Felicity and her band of friends on the ground however his plans are foiled, burning up in an epic explosion.

Nanda Parbat
Back in Nanda Parbat while Malcolm is away Nyssa breaks free from her prison thanks to those in the League that still support her. Once freed they gain control of the compound and she travels to Japan where she meets Tatsu, or rather Katana, and they have quite the battle. They are evenly matched, so Nyssa explains that she needs the Lotus in order to help Oliver Queen. By the end of the episode we learn that it can be used to save Thea and reverse the effects of the Lazarus pit. She is willing to hand it over to him on one condition; Oliver must Kill Malcolm Merlyn.

The Return of Roy Harper
When watching the episode it was quiet easy to realize that the parkour obsessed Roy Harper was the their. It isn’t until Felicity discovers the tech in his eye that they are able to free him from the Calculators grasp. Roy doesn’t miss a step when he wears the red suit again, and he has a remarkable escape from an explosion to top things off. We also see Thea and Roy finally bring closure to their relationship, and while they still love each other they both know he has to move on. Note: I will still forever ship “TheRoy” and hope that someday they can find happiness with each other.

“We’re getting the band back together”

Thea is struggling with the effects of the Lazarus pit and refuses to indulge the blood lust. Because of this she ends up suffering from exhaustion, and a moment of extreme pain when her wound from Ra’s al Ghul re-appears. Oliver wants to help Thea by making an offer to Darhk, but she tells him she doesn’t want that. He does abide by her wishes, and by the end of the episode she falls into a coma.

Felicity Smoak
Felicity is seen continuing her struggles adjusting to her knew way of life, bumbling through a presentation. One of the board members tells her someone else should give the presentation, but Curtis thinks otherwise. He says there are two Felicity’s – one who is nervous and the other who wheels around and kicks ass. She needs to be the second Felicity. She takes his advice and not only outsmarts the calculator, but also blows everyone away with the presentation. At the end we get the big reveal, that the Calculator is indeed her father!

Miscellaneous Odds & Ends
We learn that Damien Darhk’s wife Ruvé was announced as throwing her name in as a mayoral candidate, setting the stage for the next step in the plan to kill Star City. As we have been teased before she is quite a formidable woman, and will be bringing a world of trouble to Oliver’s campaign.

It was interesting to see how they worked Shado back in to the island as a hallucination, having her finally teach Oliver to let go of his darkness. Thus doing so he finally admits to Taiana that he killed her brother, and somehow ends up with a mysterious stone in his hand.

This episode may have seemed like a hodgepodge of characters, but each one added a little something to the storyline. It will be interesting to see the effects of Felicity’s father and the upcoming League of Assassins battle will add to the chaos that Dahrk is about to unleash.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more Arrow chatter with you all in the upcoming weeks!