Star Wars Rebels Thoughts: Season 2, Episode 11 “A Princess in Lothal”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels.

So I binge-watched seasons one and two of Rebels over Christmas vacation. It didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to write about it when the second-half of season two started. I will be writing a couple of posts giving my thoughts on the first one and half seasons soon.

Princess Leia

One of my favorite things about Star Wars Rebels, aside from the great characters and awesome story, is the cameo appearences by original trilogy characters. We’ve seen people like Darth Vader and Lando get stories that weave in perfectly with these new characters. Now we can add Princess Leia to the ever-growing cast of legacy characters used to complement Rebels. Her appearence was about as perfect as one could hope for. While she is only the second legacy character not be voice by the original actress, it didn’t hamper the performance one bit. Julie Dolan did an amazing job as Leia. She got the voice, the cadence, and the attitude down perfectly. As I was watching, I found myself forgetting that it wasn’t the voice of Carrie Fisher I was hearing. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of Leia.

The Rebellion

Over the years I’ve watched Star Wars and wondered how the Rebellion was able to amass such an impressive fleet of ships. Now we know at least some of them came from Alderaan via some slick intrigue. Having Leia “deliver” relief supplies to Lothal only to have the Rebellion steal her ships was pretty damn brilliant. We’ve only ever seen Princess Leia the Rebel. She was captured by Darth Vader at the very start of A New Hope and her role in the Rebellion was no longer secret. Here we still got Leia the Rebel, but it was combined with Leia the Imperial diplomat. Seeing her do everything she could to aid the Rebels was exciting and suspenseful. It’s not every often that a prequel story pulls that off since we know which characters have to survive, but Rebels still managed to accomplish that here.

Favorite Scene

To me Star Wars will always be the story of the Jedi. Even the tiniest tidbit of Jedi awesomeness will excite me. Seriously, it doesn’t take much. Not surprisingly, my favorite scene tonight was Kanan unleashing his lightsaber and attacking the walker. This scene was great for several reasons. First, I loved the moment when it dawned on Ryder Azadi that Kanan is a Jedi. So many people in the galaxy believe the Jedi are all dead, and those people are mostly correct. Seeing one suddenly emerge before your very eyes must be a thrilling feeling. Second, it was just cool to see Kanan take down a walker by slicing its legs off. He made it look so easy.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to look for my thoughts on seasons one and two in the next few days!