Arrow Thoughts: S4 EP10 “Blood Debts”

Darhk sure knows how to bring a hero to his knees…

By: Annie Shean (@Isaymeow)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow

The Story
Oliver is on a rampage to find Damien Darhk in order to seek retribution for what he did to Felicity at the end of the first half of the season. Oliver goes to extremes in trying to track him down, but reached dead ends with the ghosts. You watch him lose his control throughout the episode, dipping back to his dark side (yes, pun intended). Both Laurel and Diggle try to prevent him from going off the rails, but there is only one person who can truly reach him. It isn’t until he links together a familiar villain who is after Darhk that he’s able to track him down and get a chance at revenge.

Thea vs Anarky
Anarky, or Lonnie Machin,  is a familiar face who appeared “The Candidate.” He was working for Darhk, tasked with forcing Thea and Oliver’s family friend Jessica Danforth to rescind her bid  for mayor. If you remember Thea was suffering from her blood lust, and lost control and set him on fire. He taunts Thea saying she can’t keep control of her desire to kill, and you see that start to get into her head.

Thea calls off her relationship with Alex Davis, but he then reminds her that she’s “made of steel” and that when she is ready, He’ll be waiting for her. This seems to affect Thea in a positive way. When she meet up once more at Darhk’s home she refuses to kill Machin, and though he gets away she didn’t succumb to her feelings of blood lust. Thanks to this by the end of the episode Thea reunites with Alex and all is right in the world.

Felicity Smoak
In the episode we learn that yes, Felicity is alive as expected. However after another surgery we learn the truth; her nerve damage is permanent and she isn’t expected to walk again (Does this ring a bell? Perhaps Oracle?). This is devastating for the team, however Felicity being the rock of the group puts on a brave face and inspires Oliver to keep fighting. He tells her he’s not sure of what the Green Arrow is if he can’t protect those he cares about. However good ol’ Felicity finally knocks some sense into him when she says “What is the point if you lose yourself in the process.”

In tonight’s episode both Laurel and Oliver talked about how strong Felicity was, but it seems that in the next episode she may crumble after coming to terms with her injury. I have a feeling the repeated marriage vow line they spoke in the hospital, “For better, For worse” will come into play when Felicity contemplates leaving the team.

Damien Darhk
In a twist of fate after Darhk nearly took away what was precious to Oliver, Oliver saved what was precious to him. After the two battle against each other, when Darhk learns that the Green Arrow saved his family he decided to grant the Green Arrow a few more weeks with his own. This small act draws the ire of his wife who told him that he should have finished off the Green Arrow. The genesis project is coming, so we will begin to see exactly what all those crops and the bunker are for very soon.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.51.15 PM
Well this looks awkward…

The Grave
The grave scene appears at the beginning and end of the episode giving us more clues as to who is inside. At the start of the story Oliver tells Barry that he has a responsibility to kill Darhk, and that he knows it’s not his fault. In the last few moments we flash forward again to the cemetery,  Oliver returns to the limo at the cemetery he sits next to Felicity who seems distant and angry. Noticably she also is missing her engagement ring, teasing that things are going to get rocky for the Olicity shippers.

When Felicity and Oliver have their short, terse conversation it ends with her saying “You have to kill the son of a bitch.” The person in the grave has a very close connection to both Felicity and Oliver, so who is it?  Could this be the end of the OTA (Original Team Arrow) and Diggle, or perhaps a member of their family such as Felicity’s mother as retribution for Lance giving up information on Dahrk? I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see!

Odds & Ends
Miscellaneous tidbits from this episode include Laurel finally leaning that Donna and Quinten are an item, which surprised her but she at least appears happy for him. We also finally see Diggle and his brother Andy start to grow slightly closer by the end, as well as Laurel once again taking matters into her own hands to keep Oliver grounded.

The flashback sequences added a few more clues, showing the tattoo that Constantine bestowed on Oliver coming in handy to save his life. I’m interested to see what mystical object they are after on the island. Once again Oliver still has not confessed to Taiana that he was the one who killed her brother, which will surely come back to bite him later on.

Also for those of you who missed it, yesterday the sizzle reel for the second half of the season released (watch it here). It teases the upcoming fight against Dahk, his wife becoming Oliver’s mayoral opponent, and also a possible path of self-destruction for Thea. The familiar faces of Katana, Nyssa, Mei (Shado’s twin sister), and Roy appear adding some extra spice to the upcoming storyline. We also see a Flashback of Felicity in her “goth” stage, likely tying into the episode about her father who is rumored to be the villain named “The Calculator.”

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more Arrow chatter with you all in the upcoming weeks!