Arrow Thoughts: Season 4, Episode 9 “Dark Waters”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: The following contains all the spoilers for the latest episode of Arrow.

Back on Track

I feel like this is the first episode of the season that had a focused story. There were no Legends of Tomorrow distractions or Flash easter eggs to draw attention away from the plot; it was just a solid episode of a great show. That’s great because Arrow has been one of my favorite shows for the past few years, and I didn’t like seeing it take a backseat to the other things the CW is working on (I could say the same thing about last night’s episode of Flash). Now that last week’s crossover event is over and Legends is on it’s way, we can get back to focusing on Team Arrow and their fight against Damien Darhk.

Damien Darhk

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it again, Darhk is becoming has become the most captivating villain on this series. We’re nine episodes into this season and I still don’t see how Oliver can beat him; he’s just too powerful. He’s so formidable that even Malcolm fears him and won’t commit the League of Assassin’s to a fight against him. I still love that Darhk is able to be this character without being a physical force. He’s yet to throw a punch, but he’s managed to kidnap all of Oliver’s team and he survived a fight with Malcolm disguised as the Green Arrow. I hope that doesn’t change; I hope Darhk goes his entire run on the series without fighting with anything but his mind and powers, because it’s a nice change of style for a superhero villain and it’s yet to get boring.


I thought we saw a nice blending of Oliver’s superhero life and political life tonight. I had a feeling we would see more of this when Darhk tried to lend his support to Oliver’s mayoral campaign. My biggest fear when he announced his candidacy was the show focusing too much on politics, but that hasn’t happened and now the campaign is being blended into the narrative in a way that allows it to be fun and exciting. Plus, it was great to see Oliver do everything he could to save his friends while still maintaining his secret identity.


We’ve debated for months who was in the grave at the end of the first episode of this season; now it looks like we probably have our answer. It’s not an etched-in-stone rule, but in Hollywood when someone gets shot and is bleeding out the mouth, they’re usually dead. Felicity is a great character, and she’s a fan-favorite, so it’s both sad that she’s probably gone, but it’s nice to see the writers take such a big risk. The death of Felicity will affect Oliver for a long time. Everything he’s worked towards, all the character development, could be reset after tonight. This is especially heartbreaking for Oliver since he just got done telling Barry last week that sometimes people like them can get the girl. Oliver got the girl and now she’s been taken away from him by the biggest threat he’s ever had to face. January 20th cannot come soon enough; as soon as Christmas happens let’s just skip ahead to then.

Favorite Scene

Darhk raiding the party and taking Team Arrow was pretty exciting. When Oliver outed him as the leader of the Ghosts, I wasn’t sure where this was going. Darhk probably could have publicly denied the accusation, claimed to be just a businessman, and bought himself more time. Instead, he raided this party with his men and used his magic in front of everyone (that has to be addressed on the show at some point) and showed himself to the world.

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