The Walking Dead Thoughts: Season 6, Episode 7 “Heads Up”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead.


Glenn lives! I’m not sure it was necessary to drag this out for so long, but Glenn is alive for now. He still has a long way to go before he reaches Alexandria, and then he has to deal with that massive heard that will be getting past the walls next week. My favorite part about Glenn’s story tonight is that he still thinks of others first. Watching Nicholas kills himself and getting trapped under a dumpster for who-knows-how-long would change most people, but not Glenn. He got right back up and almost immediately started helping Enid. Glenn is a good person, even if it is to a fault. He can be counted on to do the right thing, even if it’s not the best course of action. That’s just who Glenn is. It doesn’t get talked about enough, but I think Glenn was affected by Dale’s death in ways that still resonate today. He will never stop being the moral compass of the group, and he will never stop looking for the good in people (at least as long as he’s alive). That’s who he is and we love him for it. Thankfully he’s back because the last four weeks have been excruciatingly long.


I think Rick’s attitude is starting to get a little old now. We are seven episodes into this season and Rick is still harboring this us vs. them mentality with the Alexandrians. Maybe the writers are hanging onto this because the group hasn’t had much time to deal with their place in Alexandria (I still think only two or three days have passed since the start of season). Still, Rick trusted these people enough to take them on the quarry mission. I feel like his story is now going backwards. Season five ended with Rick telling the Alexandrians they aren’t ready for this world, but he was going to help them. Now he doesn’t think they are worth the effort. I feel like the writers missed a step in this development (or maybe I missed something this season). Something needed to happen in the first six episodes to explain Rick’s mindset.

Ron (this section has spoilers from the comic, so skip it if you don’t want to know what will likely happen on the show)

It seems pretty obvious that Ron is up to something. Last week I thought that maybe he would try to Rick, but now it looks like he may have his sights set on Carl. If that’s the case, it’s a pretty cold move on Ron’s part. Instead of killing the man that killed his father, he’s going to make the man suffer by killing his son. We all know Carl isn’t going to die, but he will probably get shot. In the comics, Carl takes a bullet to the face and loses an eye. Set photos have been leaked of Chandler Riggs with a bandage over his right eye. Maybe it won’t play out like it did in the comics. After all, the show is more than willing to ignore the source material (Rick, for example, didn’t get his right hand cut off by the Governor). But still, something is going to happen between Ron and Carl.

Favorite scene

Spencer trying to climb over the herd was pretty suspenseful and there was so much stuff packed into this scene. It showed the following: 1) some of the Alexandrians still aren’t ready for this world, 2) Rick doesn’t think the Alexandrians are worth saving, 3) Spencer doesn’t trust Rick or respect his leadership, 4) and Tara will jump to save anyone. I thought it was a good use of time on the part of the writers. In a two or three minute scene, they managed to summarize the feelings of everyone within the Alexandria Safe Zone.

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