Arrow Thoughts: Season 4, Episode 7 “Brotherhood”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow.

John Diggle

Continuing of the trend of focusing on the other characters of the show, tonight was a Diggle episode. I’ve liked Diggle from the beginning of this series, so any amount of time spent focused on him is good in my book. I thought his character took a back seat to everyone else for much of last season, and it was starting to happen this season. This episode made me feel confident that the writers have an idea of what to do with the character; that’s not something I could say this time last year.

As for the actual story, this episode showed that Diggle can be a cold-hearted guy.We thought Oliver was willing to do some harsh stuff, but Diggle was willing to write off his own brother. Even when it became apparent that Darhk was controlling the minds of his men, Diggle still didn’t think Andy deserved to be saved. I’m not exactly sure how to explain that. Maybe he’s still going through the five stages of grief and he’s stuck on anger?

Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk is still going strong as an interesting villain. As a matter of fact, I’m ready to move him to the top of my list as the best bad guy this show has had. He’s still not the physical threat that Malcolm Merlyn and Slade Wilson were, but he has a fascinating array of powers that makes him feel all but unstoppable. In addition to the mystical powers, he’s also a charming guy. If he makes good on his promise to fight Oliver in the political ring, he’ll probably end up as my favorite villain in a landslide. Neal McDonough has the acting chops to pull off both a supervillain and a political foe. As much as I like Team Arrow, I have to admit that it’s McDonough’s take on Darhk that’s making this an interesting season for me.

Favorite Scene

The scene at the party between Oliver and Darhk was my favorite one tonight. I know it’s an action series, but it’s not always the arrows and bullets that grab my attention. Darhk is always plotting, and the subtle way in which he threatened Oliver here is why I love him as a character. Neal McDonough doesn’t have to throw a single punch this whole season; he’s reeling me in every time he opens his mouth.

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