Supernatural Thoughts: Season 11, Episode 6 “Our Little World”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Supernatural.

The Darkness

So Amara is God’s sister. I did not see that coming, but it fits with everything we’ve learned so far. There has been an underlying jealousy of God coming from Amara, and now we know why. At first I thought this would be a story of how Amara thought she could do creation better. That can still be the case, but now we have the intriguing story of the most epic sibling rivalry ever. This is the kind of twist that has kept this show exciting after 11 seasons.


Cas has taken his lumps, but he got back into the game tonight. There are two kinds of Castiels, the powerful angel who knows how to make an entrance, and the bumbling fish out-of-water who watches daytime talk shows and yells at the television. Both Castiels are great to watch, and the latter makes him more endearing. It’s the former, however, that is more exciting. Tonight we saw a bit more of the Castiel we first met in season four. He was focused and in charge. He wasn’t going to let Metatron go without the answers he needed, and the ends justified the means. That’s who Castiel can be when it’s all on the line and the Darkness is growing and ready to consume the world.


It looks like Crowley is about to get his own fair share of lumps. We knew he was in over his head when Amara started eating demon souls. We thought he gained control of the situation when he demonstrated his power to her, but he didn’t. Crowley isn’t weak, but Amara, even in the form of a young teenager, is still exceedingly strong. Crowley is even more in over his head than we thought. He’s lost Amara, and he looks weak in front his demons because of it. This could be better for us since Crowley is at his best when he’s backed into a corner. We’ll just have to wait and see.


We found out tonight that Amara feels a connection with Dean, an infatuation from seeing one of her brother’s creations. Dean has been through so much already, so adding the Darkness crushing on him to the list makes sense. Seriously though, I can’t wait to see where this is going. Dean, for all his faults and abrasiveness, has a magnetic personality. In 11 seasons, he’s gained the favor of everyone from angels to the King of Hell to Death himself (although that didn’t work out too well for Death), so having Amara possibly feeling a connection with him isn’t surprising.

Favorite Scene

There were some good ones tonight, but I have to go with the reveal that Amara is the sister of God. The whole end scene with Amara threatening Crowley, Sam fighting the demons, and Castiel interrogating Metratron was compelling, and ending it with that twist made my jaw drop. Well done.

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