Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 7 “Chaos Theory”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.


Lash’s backstory from the comics is very different, but his motivations are essentially the same. In the comics, he was weeding out the unworthy from the worthy Inhumans; here he’s choosing the good from the bad. Andrew is going insane, and that insanity has convinced him that it’s his moral obligation to kill all the bad Inhumans. Even if Lash was defeated for good tonight, his motivations probably make him the most interesting villain to date on this show (but please don’t let him be defeated). He has a rigid sense of right and wrong, but his own moral compass is skewed. He’s not the mustache-twirling villain that some of the Hydra characters are starting to become, and he doesn’t have the Inhumans vs. everyone else mentality that Jiaying and Gordon had. Lash may just be a bloodthirsty villain.

Lash’s fate remains to be seen, but I hope he isn’t finished. I think he’s too good for the show, and too interesting a character to just throw away. I can accept it if Andrew is “cured” by the ATCU, but I feel like the audience deserves more lashing out from Lash before his story comes to an end. It’s no secret that Marvel has difficulty developing their villains in the films, and that’s bled over into the show. Lash was becoming someone that was legitimately fun to watch, and that could only get better now that some of the characters have a personal stake in combating him. Please, writers, figure out a logical way for him to escape captivity.

Finally, my one concern after last week’s reveal was explaining Lash’s backstory. I was concerned that it wouldn’t make sense to have Andrew be an Inhuman this whole time. I was going off the assumption that he would be more similar to his comic book counterpart (born in an Inhuman city, went through Terrigenesis, etc.). I’m happy that the writers are willing to ignore comic book canon when it comes to the MCU. That allows them to not only keep some things a surprise, but to cherry pick the most interesting parts of an already-established character while building a whole new mythology. I know some people get aggravated when the adaptation from book to screen is changed, but when it’s done well, it works. I think it was done very well in this case.


The “4,722 Hours” episode was one of the best of the series, and to see Fitz experience everything that we experienced three weeks ago was gut-wrenching. We saw Simmons transported to a virtual ¬†hell, and now Fitz has seen and heard first-hand what she went through. These two have had an indelible bond since the beginning, and it’s only gotten stronger as the series moves on. Tonight was another checkpoint in the long saga of FitzSimmons.

Rosalind Price

Just when I was starting to trust Price, the writers revealed that Hydra is still embedded heavily in the government. I suppose there can be a good explanation for this. We don’t know much about Gideon Malick. Maybe the world doesn’t know him as one the heads of Hydra. After all, it sounds like he was going to be at NORAD with the President. But still, it doesn’t look good for Price. We’ve already seen that she can manipulate Coulson, and now it appears that she’s ready to hand him over to Hydra the first chance she gets.

Favorite Scene

There were so many to choose from tonight, but the first one that comes to mind is Lincoln walking into that room and confronting Lash. It showed us that this isn’t just personal for May, Daisy, and Coulson. Lash has killed plenty of Inhumans, and many of them were Lincoln’s friends. It also showed us that Lincoln is not one to be trifled with. Unlike many of the Inhumans Lash has encountered, Lincoln purposefully went through Terrigenesis and he knows how to use his powers.

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