Supernatural Thoughts: Season 11, Episode 4 “Baby”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Supernatural.


Over the course of 10 seasons and change, everything has happened on Supernatural at least once. At least I thought so. It’s probably safer to say that now that we’ve gotten a full episode from the perspective of Baby, the always pristine 1968 Chevy Impala (the poor thing was not so pristine at the end of this episode). Every television series has its bottle episodes (episodes made on a limited budget with fewer cast members and limited sets), but producing an entire episode from the point-of-view of a car is a new one for me. This premise could have fallen flat on its face like the “Wendigo” and “Bugs” episodes from season one, but I think it was pulled off nicely. It won’t be remembered as the best episode of the series, but Supernatural has gotten pretty good at not taking itself too seriously. I think there was enough comedic relief to have “Baby” stand up well against the Trickster and alternate reality episodes that we all love. Well done, writers.

The Darkness

Even in a bottle episode set entirely in a car, the writers still managed to work in some development for the Darkness. We saw last week with Amara just how dangerous this thing is. We know that the angels and demons are worried. We know that Lucifer and Michael are freaking out in their cage. Now we know that even the monsters of the series are preparing for an upcoming fight with the Darkness. It’s a testament to the writers that they stuck to a “monster of the week” story yet still managed to develop the overall arc of the season. And they did it without distracting from the plot of this episode. Again, well done, writers.


There have been some pretty persistent rumors that God will be appearing in some form this season. Whether he’s Chuck (I never fully bought into that theory) or someone else, I think it was made pretty clear that he’s coming when the vision of John Winchester said, “God helps those that help themselves.” This series has featured some heavy hitters from all mythologies – Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Odin, etc. It’s only a matter of time before God makes an appearance.

Favorite Scene

I liked the first fight scene between Dean and Deputy Donelly. Limiting the scene to the perspective of Baby allowed it to be slightly exaggerated while the voiceover from Castiel topped off the comedic relief. It’s not often that the violence in this show is meant to make us laugh, but it did here.

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