Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 5 “4,722 Hours”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD.

Simmons and Will

As expected, this was a Jemma Simmons episode from beginning to end. I normally have mixed feelings about bottle episodes that leave out most the main characters (see: everything I’ve written about the non-Rick Grimes episodes of The Walking Dead), but this had me hooked from the beginning. We’ve seen Simmons transform from lab rat to field agent over the course of two seasons, and everything she’s gone through in that time prepared her for her journey to this unknown planet. As soon as she found herself stranded, the first thing she did was fall back on her training for a lost agent, then she relied on her training as a scientist to survive. These two disciplines complimented themselves wonderfully for her. Not only was she able to find water and food, but she was able to defend herself against that food (I loved the line about her being a source of food for her only source of food). Everything in the first act of this episode was a cohesive union between Dr. Simmons and Agent Simmons.

We’ve theorized for weeks why Simmons would want so desperately to get back to this planet, and now we know. The character of Will Daniels was a great addition to the show. He was helpful to Simmons, but the writers managed to not reduce her to a damsel-in-distress once he came along. As a matter of fact, Simmons was saved by Will’s equipment more than she was saved by Will himself. He could have been left out of the story altogether. Simmons could have made it if she just found an abandoned lair with old NASA equipment. Despite that, Will was still an interesting character, he just wasn’t overwhelming to the story.

Simmons and Fitz

Simmons and Fitz have been important to each other from the beginning of this series. Tonight, we saw her lean on him even though he wasn’t physically there. A picture and video got Simmons through some lonely times on that planet, and seeing him, and the rest of her friends, gave her the motivation to go forward. But it wasn’t just emotional support that Fitz unknowingly provided Simmons. He also gave her a phone engineered to have extra-long battery life (I’m glad that line was added in, because my willful suspension was disbelief was really starting to wear thin around the 3,000 hour mark). Without that, Simmons would have never been able to power up the computer and chart the rotation of the planet. Fitz, even though he was not actually there, played a huge part in saving the day. I loved that.

What Now?

There are so many possibilities for the show from here. Fitz and Simmons are determined to get back to the planet to save Will. If they succeed, Will can come back to earth and join SHIELD. He survived on this planet, mostly alone, for 14 years. He’s SHIELD material through and through. If they make it back through the portal with Will, it’s possible the hooded figure known only as “Death” can get to earth too (they need to find a new name for it though). That can open up a whole bevy of possibilities for a new villain. The show seems to be gradually moving away from human villains like Hydra and towards alien ones like Lash. Bringing Death to earth gives us yet another villain that SHIELD, the ATCU, and the Inhumans have no idea how to handle. That’s an exciting prospect for this show.

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