Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 4 “Devils You Know”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

May and Hunter

I’ve been saying this for a year, and I’ll repeat it now – May has been on a humanizing arc since the beginning of season two. It started with her becoming Skye’s mentor and it may have culminated tonight with the apparent death of Andrew. Every change May has gone through has been necessary for her reaction now to be believable. The May of season one didn’t let herself be bogged down with personal ties. She was focused on whatever the mission was. Results came first. Tonight we saw her willing to let Ward go to save Andrew. Thanks to the way she has been developed, that was not out-of-character for her. It will also not come as a surprise when she blames Hunter if Andrew is indeed dead.

Speaking of Hunter, he is focused to the point of selfishness. It’s not surprising how personally he’s taking this task. Ward almost killed Bobbi. If SHIELD still boasted the manpower they had before they fell in season one, someone who doesn’t have a personal stake in Ward’s death would probably be heading this mission. As it stands, this isn’t the old SHIELD, and Hunter is all there is. It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t empathize with May. No one can understand the ruthlessness of Ward better than he can, but he chose to sacrifice someone close to May rather than moving on to fight another day. In the end, Ward still got away Hunter might have lost May’s trust.


I’m still hoping that the ATCU has good intentions. It was done reluctantly, but Rosalind Price and Phil Coulson are cooperating with each other. There’s still plenty of questions to be answered though. For example, what is the ATCU doing with the Inhumans that they find? My guess is that they will probably do what SHIELD is trying to do, find Inhumans and recruit them to fight the big threats. It’s a long way away, but I wouldn’t be surprised if SHIELD and the ATCU actually merged together. Every time Coulson cooperates with Price, he’s building goodwill for his rogue agency, and that helps to make it a little less rogue. As for the ATCU, with each episode, it being the good guys is becoming less of a big twist.


Lash made his return tonight, and it was every bit as exciting as it was in episode one. Lash is a bad guy. Of all the superhuman villains we’ve met so far, Lash is the most formidable threat. Of the Inhumans we’ve met, only Daisy and Lincoln have been a match for him (Alisha survived her attack, but only because that wasn’t her main body that Lash killed).

The characters don’t know this yet, but Lash is on a quest to kill every new Inhuman he deems unworthy of going through Terrigenesis. It’s interesting that Daisy survived her last encounter with him. I’m dying to know if he thought she died in the crash, or if he just thinks she’s worthy of being an Inhuman.

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2 thoughts on “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 4 “Devils You Know”

  1. Great recap! It doesn’t look good for Andrew. I guess we will see next week. I understand that Hunter wants revenge. But it appears Bobbi has moved on from what Ward did. I mean. She’s back to word for SHIELD. Why can’t Hunter move on? I love May’s growth as character. It’s more believable that she can let her personal feelings affect her decisions now than in Season 1. It’s great that she backed up Hunter. She’s loyal. But she cannot be blamed if she doesn’t trust Hunter. Even if Andrew is alive.

    Oh, Lash can shape shift? That’s a twist I didn’t expect. I think I want a t-shirt of his quote, “I’m not merciful. I’m necessary.” My favorite line from tonight’s episode. There wasn’t much about Simmons.compared to last week. But the promo suggests that’s going to change next week. I cannot wait to see what she went through. I can’t stop thinking that Lash may have been the one that “hunted” Simmons. If not him, what could it be?


    • My wife has a theory that she found that guy from episode two. Since we don’t know anything about this planet, I have no problem believing that he could survive a century. She doesn’t think he was hunting her, but she wants to go back to save him.


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