Fear the Walking Dead Thoughts: Season 1, Episode 6 Finale “The Good Man”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the season one finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

The Group

The military left town and we got to see everyone acting as a group for the first time. There was still some in-fighting because of Daniel and his tortuous conversation style, but they still managed to band together to fight towards their common goal. The raid on the military compound was something that Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon would be proud of. Daniel using the herd of walkers from the arena to distract the soldiers was both bold and ruthless. That was the act of a man who didn’t care who died along the way as long as he got his wife back. While his plan worked this time, his mindset may be something for the rest of the group to look out for in the future. He’s a man driven by a singular purpose, survival, and he doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way as long as the people he cares about are safe. That could be a benefit for the group or it could hurt the group if Daniel starts to see the rest of them as expendable. He’s a fascinating character that the writers can take in so many different directions for season two.


This episode was a major turning point for Travis. Up until now, he’s been the one holding onto the past the tightest. He’s been the group’s moral compass. He’s a good man. Two things happened in this episode that will change him forever. First, he let Adams go free and it almost cost Ofelia her life. Second, Travis had to shoot Liza before the infection killed and turned her. Travis ended this season a broken man. I’ve been saying for the last four weeks that Madison was probably being setup as the real leader of the group, but tonight’s episode did more for Travis’ development in that direction than other episode so far.

Where to Now?

This season was interesting because it was so different from what we’ve seen onĀ The Walking Dead. Now the show has caught up to where the original show started, and a time jump between seasons one and two could put the group even further into the timeline. The writers have to figure out a way to keep this series unique or we will end up watching episodes with plots that are merely recycled from the original series. Keeping the show in the city for the first season worked great. Watching them get out of the city in season two could go a long way towards keeping the momentum going. I’d like to see how the citizens of Los Angeles deal with a full-blown outbreak now that the military is out of the picture. Will the city get abandoned with only walkers remaining? Will people stay behind and fight?

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