Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 1 “Laws of Nature”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Daisy Johnson

The show wasted no time establishing the new Skye Daisy. When we first met her, she was lost, searching for parents that she thought long dead. She searched every corner of the cyber-world for answers. She came across SHIELD, and eventually went from enemy, to asset, to agent, then from human to Inhuman. Now she’s a full-fledged superhuman, using her powers for good. The Daisy we met tonight was calm, collected, and, most of all, confident in her new abilities. It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago in the show’s timeline, she had no idea what she had become or how to control her powers. Now she’s leading the team that will eventually become the Secret Warriors. This is, by far, the most exciting character development on the show.


While SHIELD is still operating in the shadows, a defunct agency as far as the public is concerned, it certainly felt like it was close to the SHIELD we had before it all came crashing down in season one. Coulson seems firmly set in his position as director, no longer facing any internal threats from “the real SHIELD.” His base of operations is back up and running, and his team is (mostly) back.

Tonight’s episode felt like a turning point for the series. I think it’s finally found the balance between spy and superhero show. The story is standing so well on its own that it didn’t feel forced when references were made to Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The show is no longer complimenting the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe; it’s now adding to it and enhancing it. All things being equal, it feels like an entirely different series than what we had way back in the first episode, and that’s a good thing.


In the series’ 45 episode run, we’ve seen a fair number of villains introduced, and none of them had a more exciting and captivating introduction than Lash. In the comics, Lash was an Inhuman who made it his mission to find all the people who unwittingly went through Terrigenesis to judge whether or not they were worthy. He is a bad guy who’s willing to kill any fellow Inhuman he deems undeserving of the title. For the show, he is the first real superhuman villain we’ve gotten. This is another sign that the series has reached a turning point. We’re no longer seeing SHIELD fighting evil corporations and Hydra; now it’s going to take on a real villain that could have been saved for the Inhumans feature film, one that could inflict devastating casualties on the agency. To me, that shows Marvel’s confidence in the product. We’re not getting a second-hand villain and a hammy storyline, but rather a formidable foe that poses an actual threat to the characters.


Is Fitz a bad-ass now? He took down that group holding the scroll with relative ease and managed to speed away in a stolen car. Remember when he was the guy that was uncomfortable leaving his lab? Those days appear to be gone. Also gone are the effects of his brain injury from the season one finale. Welcome back Fitz. We missed you.


We only saw Simmons for about twenty seconds, but she appears to be in an exceedingly bad situation on another planet. I can’t wait to see how she gets out of this one.

Some Fun Stuff

Coulson has the ax that cut off his arm hanging on the wall and he’s drinking from a “Grumpy Cat” mug. I absolutely love this man.


She went on vacation and never came back. Ward better watch out.

Ward Sighting?

Yes, but only in the previews for next week’s episode.

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6 thoughts on “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 1 “Laws of Nature”

  1. I could not agree with you more about Daisy. The best and most exciting character development. Fitz has to be next. He’s physically not the weak link on the team. He can handle himself. All of the characters needed a break. But May is not as open as the others. I think she needed it more. For the first time there is a villain who has a chance to be a legitimate threat with Lash. There is always going to be tie-ins with M.C.U. It’s great to see that the show can stand on it’s own without the M.C.U. This is how far the Agents of SHIELD has come in 2 years.


  2. First, Coulson is second to none. Clark Gregg is phenomenal, I could not agree with you more about Daisy. Her character development has been the best and most exciting. Fitz would be next. He is no longer the physical weak link. Also, Iain de Caestecker may be the best actor on A.o.S. There’s not a challenge of Fitz that he can’t handle. The entire team has been gone through a lot. But considering May keeps things to herself, she may be more vulnerable. That’s why I think this vacation was needed for her. You’re right. The show has yet to have villain who is a legitimate threat like Lash. Naturally the show ends with us wondering even more where’s Jemma? Great recap! 🙂


    • Hey, welcome back! I agree that Ian de Caestecker is a great actor. I’d like to go back and watch his earlier work.


      • Sorry for the double post. I wasn’t sure if the first comment went through. Iain de Caestecker did a mini series before A.o.S. called The Fades. It’s pretty good. I’d like to see the two recent films he did, Filth, and Lost River. I have read that his performances are just as good if not better.


  3. That’s something with the comment settings. I have to approve everyone’s first comment on a post. I really need to look into that haha


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