Who are Marvel’s Secret Warriors?


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

We are one day away from the season three premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. If you haven’t heard, and this post is really late so you probably already know, the Secret Warriors will officially be a team this year. As in the comics, these Secret Warriors will be led by Daisy Johnson (the re-named Skye, played wonderfully by Chloe Bennet). We don’t know much more, but it appears the team will be comprised of Daisy’s fellow Inhumans that she has been recruiting.


In the comics, the Secret Warriors rose from the ashes of Nick Fury’s Secret War (the one where he attempted to assassinate the leader of Latveria in 2004-05, not to be confused with Marvel’s Secret Wars in 1984 or 2015). After Fury’s actions found him ousted as the Director of SHIELD, he discovered a plan by the Skrulls, a shapeshifting race of extraterrestrials, to secretly invade earth. Fearing that more well-known superheroes may be shapeshifting targets for the Skrulls, Fury sought to recruit a team of competent but obscure heroes. He started with Daisy Johnson, a former SHIELD agent who had been taken off active duty by Fury’s replacement, Maria Hill. He also recruited Phobos, Yo Yo Rodriguez, Hellfire, Sebastian Druid, and Stonewall.

The Secret Warriors joined other Marvel superheroes in the fight against the Skrulls. After they successfully staved off the invasion, the Secret Warriors found a new purpose when Nick Fury discovered that SHIELD was actually under the control of Hydra.

Adapting the Comic to the Show

As usual, you can expect some changes as the comic story is adapted to television. For example, the storyline of Hydra taking over SHIELD has already been resolved on the show, and Fury’s Secret Invasion doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon. One thing that will carry over to the show is the leader of the team – Daisy Johnson, AKA Quake. As many of you probably know, the character of Skye has been transformed into Johnson. Starting this season, she will be adopting that name permanently. Her role on the show will see her tracking down and recruiting new people who have transformed into Inhumans.

New Dynamic For the Show

The first season stumbled a bit as a superhero show without any real superheroes was not well received by fans or critics. The writers heard that complaint and began redefining what Agents of SHIELD was in season two (although, it started to massively improve in season one with the Captain America: The Winter Soldier tie-in). The mid-season finale last year saw Skye and Raina transformed into Inhumans. From there, more Inhumans were gradually introduced in the series, albeit of the villainous variety. Now the criticism that the show merely exists to name-drop random Avengers needs to be put to bed. Season three will have Agents of SHIELD transform into a show with powered people fighting powered villains.

The Show Will Stand On Its Own

As I’ve written before, Agents of SHIELD was saved with the Captain America: The Winter Soldier tie-in during season one. However, the show didn’t need an Avengers: Age of Ultron arc to boost ratings in season two. The show just trudged along with its Inhuman storyline while only making a few passing references to the events in Sokovia. Not only did this make for a more cohesive story, but it was a sign that the show had finally arrived.

Season three should move even further in that direction. While the show still takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it can  be its own force, building epic arcs and introducing new characters that can exist solely for the benefit of the show. While I’m sure there will be passing references to Captain America: Civil War, we won’t have to meticulously parse through every scene and every line of dialogue to figure out how the show will have a huge tie-in. That makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

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