Fear the Walking Dead Thoughts: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Dog”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the third episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Who’s the Leader?

So far, I’ve been viewing Travis as the potential leader of this group. He’s intelligent, people follow him, and he seems willing to take control of the situation. That feeling started to change tonight. Madison’s character development took a dramatic turn with her neighbors getting infected. Even though she and Travis have both seen walkers up close, Madison is the only one who has had to kill one. As a result, she seems to have accepted the reality of the situation more than Travis. She didn’t think twice about following Nick to steal that shotgun, and she’s already accepted that she could be a walker one day and may need to be killed. She had a moment of denial when Travis talked her out of putting Susan down, but I’m guessing that seeing Susan almost kill her husband will harden her in the future. Travis is being set up as the character most trying to hang onto the past; Madison is already looking towards survival.

The Setting

Things began moving at a rapid pace in the city. In a span of just a few hours in the show’s timeline, we went from a few isolated walker incidents to a full-on riot, police surrounding a hospital full of infected people, and a military response. It requires some suspension of disbelief, but it does make for exciting television. As I’ve pointed out in previous posts, we all know where this is going, but I have to credit the writers for still making the downfall of society a suspenseful story (they’ve even managed to fool us into thinking there is hope for the characters).

Moving the story out of the city was a good move. While I liked the pace of things there, I’m still not ready for a full-blown outbreak. Keeping the story in the suburbs should draw this out a little more. My hope is that the last three episodes deal with the military trying to isolate the infected from the rest of the population, and then the season ends with the complete downfall of the city and the group on the run.

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