Arrow Thoughts: Season 3 Episode 20 “The Fallen”


By: Casey (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

The Queen is dead, long live the Queen! After finding Thea’s near-lifeless body, Oliver travels to Nanda Parbat to surrender himself to Ra’s al Ghul. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Felicity, who finally declares her love for Oliver. Thea is saved, but at a cost not yet fully understood.


After the ending of last week’s episode, it was a bit surprising how quickly everything wrapped up between Oliver and Ra’s al Ghul. Thea entering the Lazarus Pit ended up being the third or fourth most interesting thing to happen in this episode. Topping the list is Oliver surrendering himself to the League of Assassins. We all saw this coming, I’m just surprised it happened so quickly. It appears, for now, that Ra’s al Ghul has won his little war against Oliver Queen. Oliver has taken his place as al Sah-him, the heir to Ra’s al Ghul.

Am I the only one who wants this to happen? I’ve been saying for weeks that Oliver becoming the head of the League of Assassins would be the most interesting arc for the character to take. We have a vigilante who wants to do good things, who refuses to kill people in that endeavor, taking over a league of killers. What can go wrong? Well, plenty, but that’s why we have episodic stories playing out. I still say that Oliver can accomplish his goal of saving people from evil with the League. Don’t underestimate how loyal these men are to Ra’s. They follow him. They willingly lay down their lives for the League’s ideals. There’s no reason yet to believe that loyalty won’t extend to Oliver.

Ra’s al Ghul

For the first time since his introduction to the show, we saw the human side of Ra’s al Ghul, He’s a man who had a wife and a son, and he loved them very much. He carries with him the regret of leaving them to join the League. We got of glimpse of how he sees himself in Oliver. We don’t know exactly how he came to be in the League, but we know that it wasn’t totally by choice. He didn’t get to say goodbye to his family. He’s actually giving Oliver more than he ever had himself. Oliver still has to leave his old life behind, but he at least got to say goodbye. With the way this played out, I can actually see Ra’s becoming more of a mentor than an adversary to Oliver.

The Rest of Team Arrow

The team is now fractured. Roy is gone, maybe for good, and Felicity, Laurel, and Diggle are left to defend Starling City. Obviously Oliver will be back to retake the mantle of the Arrow. The writers aren’t going to just change the whole dynamic of the show. We just don’t know when or how he will return. We already saw how the team came together without Oliver once this season, but that was different. They thought Oliver was dead. Now we get to see how they act knowing that Oliver is alive but gone. Will they wait for him? Will they move on? Will Diggle step up to become the new leader in his absence? Four episodes remain, plus another crossover with The Flash, so we have four episodes to see how everyone deals with the new reality that began tonight.

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