Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 2 Episode 17 “Melinda”

By: Casey (@DarthHockey)

After a season and a half, we finally find out what happened with Melinda May in Bahrain. It was a such a good twist that you probably didn’t notice we still don’t know why people call her the Cavalry (am I the only one that thought she got that nickname in Bahrain?) (EDIT: It was pointed out to me that the first reference to “cavalry” was for the whole tactical team. This is, in fact, how May got her nickname. Thanks, @regard87!). We also got to see Skye’s reaction to Jiaying being her mom, and her reluctant reunion with Cal.


I’ve said it plenty of times before, family is a big theme with Skye’s character. She’s spent her whole life trying to fit in, and tonight we got more of her background story. From Skye’s point of view, she was moved from foster home to foster home every time she did something wrong. We know from last season that SHIELD had her moved frequently to keep her safe, which makes this even more sad. Skye calls SHIELD the closest thing to a family that she has, but they have been a source of pain for all of her life. Now she’s reunited with her mom, and things still aren’t perfect. The Inhumans seem to fear close relationships. We saw the consequences of Eva ignoring the wishes of Jiaying when she stole the Terrigen crystals for Katya. That was a lesson learned for the Inhumans, and now Skye has to pretend that Jiaying isn’t her mom. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be to finally get your mother back only to pretend to still be an orphan.

Raina, Lincoln, and Gordon.

Raina is still at a low point. Her “gift” has yet to manifest itself beyond her physical transformation. Gordon is determined to keep her safe, but Raina only wants to leave. She also has support from Lincoln, but we see that causing tension with Gordon. We got our first look at a possible social hierarchy within the group. Did anyone else get the impression that Gordon thinks less of Lincoln for not having a physical transformation?

By the end of the episode, Raina’s gift seemingly revealed itself in the form of psychic abilities. This could prove to be troublesome for Skye and Jiaying. If Raina can foresee Skye and her dad, it’s not a huge leap for her to make a prediction that reveals Jiaying as Skye’s mom. We’re just starting to learn about the hierarchy of the Inhumans, but Jiaying hinted that some were unhappy with Skye’s transformation. Jiaying saved her, but knowing what we know about Eva, Katya, and Bahrain, we know that Jiaying did so at a personal risk.


So that’s why May is so cold-hearted! That was actually a very sad story, even if it came out of nowhere. We saw May soften significantly this season, but that could change if she starts feeling betrayed by Coulson.

Koenig sighting?

Nope. Where are they? Are the 13 Koenig brothers on a family vacation?